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Apex Legends crashes with Audio/Engine Error - How to fix

Some players face the following problem in Apex Legends: when they run Apex Legends, the game crashes at startup, and Engin Error appears.

If you encounter an error message similar to the ones below, you should try the solution in this guide.

Apex Legends crashes with Audio/Engine Error fix

"Engine Error - CSOM_MilesAsync_OpenOrFindFile (audio\ship\general_english.mstr) failed to open file; try resyncing"

"Unknown file version (audio\ship\general_stream.mstr)"

"Couldn't initialize sound.
Please make sure you have a sound playback device that is enabled and properly configured.
Failed in: MilesProjectWaitForLoad
Miles output follows:
Loaded file: audio\ship\audio.mprj isn't a project."

How to fix Audio Engine Error in Apex Legends

This issue usually occurs due to the corruption of the game files after the new update to Apex Legends . Follow these steps to resolve:

  • Go to the game directory (Steam: Library > Right-click Apex Legends > Manage > Browse local files)
  • Find the file in question (Example: audio\ship\general_english.mstr)
  • Delete it.

Now it's time to verify the game's file integrity, that is, to repair the files. You can repair the game's files by following these steps:

Steam: Library > Right-click on Apex Legends > Properties > Verify integrity of game files
Origin: My Game Library > Right-click on Apex Legends > Repair

It may be necessary to restart your PC after the download is complete.

That's all. I hope it worked for you as well!

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  • im with this error "Unknown file version (audio\ship\general_stream.mstr)"
    how to solve?

    Estou com esse error "Versão de arquivo desconhecida (audio\ship\general_stream.mstr)", não consigo solucionar, como resolvo?

    Jogo pela EA.