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Conan Exiles The Gem in the Tower Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Conan Exiles The Gem in the Tower "Explore the Isle of Siptah" Achievement Guide! This guide will help you to unlock The Gem in the Tower achievement, the rarest Conan Exiles achievement according to Steam statistics.

How to Unlock The Gem in the Tower Achievement

To get The Gem in the Tower achievement on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, you need to navigate to all locations on the map and have their icons appear on your Isle of Siptah (DLC) map. It can be laborious to navigate the whole map. It is not easy, but you have to do it if you want to get the achievement.

There are so many places to adventure on the island that it will take a long time to explore them all, and you will likely miss some of these locations. A map with all the places marked will come in handy, so you don't miss any of them.

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Full Map (2022)

The latest version of the Isle of Siptah map in Conan Exiles and all locations are in the image below.

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Full Map

I've marked the spots where you're most likely to miss it on the map below. Especially you might not have discovered Duskholme and the Cracked Vault in the dark lands where we make composite obsidian rods because almost all maps on the internet do not have these places.

  • Accursed Citadel: north of the tower
  • Duskholme: south
  • Cracked Vault: south
Accursed Citadel
Conan Exiles Duskholme and Cracked Vault

Also, I have listed below the names of all the discoverable places on the Isle of Siptah map.


  • Sanctuary of the Serpent
  • Harbor of the Drowned
  • Volary of the Harpy
  • Harbor of the Twice Drowned
  • Volary of Jhil
  • Demense of the Demon Spiders
  • Asylum of the Outsiders
  • Refuge of the Gremlins
  • Refuge of the Goblinoids
  • Asylum of the Fiends
  • Den of the Wolfmen
  • Sanctuary of the Snakemen
  • Den of the Wolf-brothers
  • Bastion of the Bat-demons

Inactive Vaults:

  • Accursed Citadel
  • Cracked Vault
  • Serpent Pass


  • Leyshrine of the Birdmen
  • Leyshrine of the Demon
  • Leyshrine of the Goblinoid
  • Leyshrine of the Serpent
  • Leyshrine of the Fiends
  • Leyshrine of the Drowned


  • The Tower
  • Camp of the Castaways
  • Ruins of X'chotl
  • The Ashen Core
  • Raider's Gap
  • Bastard's Stand
  • Haven of the Cursed
  • Island of Threa
  • Sipho's Shipyard
  • Salvage Point
  • The Spit
  • Lubber's Watch
  • Dusky Inlet
  • The Rave in the Rubble
  • Temple of the Loon
  • Lunatic's Reach
  • Baywatch Camp
  • New Khemi Docks
  • The Nook
  • Netikerty's Throne
  • Ruins of New Khemi


  • Fuming Cave
  • Glowing Cavern
  • The Depths


  • Blacksail Harbor
  • Cairn of the First men (North)
  • Cairn of the First men (South)
  • Chamber of Sacraments
  • Chamber of Scales
  • Circle of the Moon
  • Duskholme
  • Flame in the East
  • Flame in the North
  • Flame in the South
  • Gates of X'chotl (North)
  • Gates of X'chotl (South)
  • Heretic Haunt
  • New Luxur
  • Pools of the Grey Ones
  • Riverwatch Keep
  • Ruins of X'chotl
  • Siptah's Ascension
  • Siptah's Contemplation
  • Southwatch Keep
  • Strandwatch Keep
  • Tears of Xanarus
  • The Boneway
  • The Haunted Wreck
  • The Lonely Grave
  • Towerwatch Keep
  • Watchtower (Center Southeast)
  • Watchtower (Center Southwest)
  • Watchtower (North)
  • Watchtower (Northeast)
  • Watchtower (South)
  • Watchtower (Southwest)
  • Wreck of the Alderman
  • Wreck of the Cleaver


  • Asura's Sight
  • Causeway of the Apostate
  • Chasm of the Unbeliever
  • Circle of the Ravager
  • Costigan's Bluff
  • Elephant Graveyard
  • Eye of Ekim
  • Grave of the Leviathan
  • Grove of Jorgan
  • Imui's Pathway
  • Old Smugglers Route
  • Scavenger Coast
  • Scryer's Heights
  • Simmi's Beacon
  • Spinner's Ridge
  • Sweetwater Falls
  • Sweetwater Lake
  • Tears of Asura
  • The Artificer's Chasm
  • The Barrens
  • The Circle of Ros-krana
  • The Claws
  • The Fork
  • The Gash
  • The Jut
  • The Northwood
  • The Southwood
  • The Underclaw
  • The Valley of Shade
  • Traitor's Falls
  • Violet Isle
  • Witches Pass
  • Witcheye Lake
  • Wreck of the Sea Dog

I hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you have any questions or anything like that, let us know. Comment down below.