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Escape from Tarkov: Best Keybinds and Mouse Settings

We are taking a look at the best Escape from Tarkov keybinds & settings for your keyboard and mouse!

If you aren't comfortable with your default keys, this guide may be able to help.

Note: Inspired by Shroud's Escape from Tarkov account settings, who is widely regarded as one of the best first-person shooter players in the world, I have listed the best keybinding and mouse settings below.

Here's a look at the default & best keybindings, and mouse settings for your PC in EFT.

Best & Default Escape from Tarkov Keybinds

Go to Settings > Controls > Keyboard and Mouse

ActionBest KeyBest Press TypeDefault KeyDefault Press Type
Move rightDD
Move leftAA
Move forwardWW
Move backwardSS
Smoothly lean rightD + “Left Alt”D + “Left Alt”
Smoothly lean leftA + “Left Alt”A + “Left Alt”
Lean rightEContinuousEContinuous
Lean leftQContinuousQContinuous
Switch between sightsMouse4PressRMB + “Left Ctrl”Press
Change scope magnificationMouse4Double ClickRMB + “Left Alt”Press
Toggle on-head equipment (NVG, face shield)NPressPress
Enable/Disable VOIPNot set
Phrase MenuYDouble ClickYDouble Click
Open voice command dropdownYContinuousYContinuous
Voice command quick phraseYReleaseYRelease
Check timeOPressOPress
Check time and exitsODouble ClickODouble Click
Toggle tactical devicesMouse3PressTPress
Switch tactical device modeMouse3Double ClickT + “Left Ctrl”Press
NextMouse Scroll+Mouse Scroll+
PreviousMouse Scroll-Mouse Scroll-
Prepare a grenadeGDouble ClickGPress
Reload weaponRReleaseRRelease
Emergency weapon reloadR + Left AltReleaseRDouble Click
Drop backpackEqualsDouble ClickZDouble Click
Next magazine“Mouse Scroll+” + R“Mouse Scroll+” + R
Previous magazine“Mouse Scroll-” + R“Mouse Scroll-” + R
Check ammoTDouble ClickT + “Left Alt”Press
Switch fire modeBPressBPress
Set fire mode to full autoBDouble ClickBDouble Click
Check fire modeB + “Left Alt”PressB + “Left Alt”Press
Check chamber\Fix malfunction`PressT + “Left Shift”Press
Unload chamberT + “Left Ctrl”PressR + “Left Ctrl”Press
Detach magazineT + “Left Alt”PressR + “Left Alt”Press
Sprint“Left Shift”Continuous“Left Shift”Press
Crouch“Left Ctrl”ReleaseCRelease
Next walk pose“Mouse Scroll+” + “Left Ctrl”“Mouse Scroll+” + C
Previous walk pose“Mouse Scroll-” + “Left Ctrl”“Mouse Scroll-” + C
Walk“Left Alt”ContinuousCapsPress
Overhead blind fireXW + “Left Alt”
Right side blind fireCS + “Left Alt”
Sidestep rightE + “Left Alt”ContinuousE + “Left Alt”Continuous
Sidestep leftQ + “Left Alt”ContinuousQ + “Left Alt”Continuous
Inspect current weaponLPressLPress
Fold or unfold stockL + “Left Alt”PressL + “Left Alt”Press
Toggle inventoryTabPressTabPress
Melee weapon\PressVPress
Melee attack\Double ClickVDouble Click
Weapon on sling2Press2Press
Weapon on back3Press3Press
Secondary weapon1Press1Press
Slot 44Press4Press
Slot 55Press5Press
Slot 66Press6Press
Slot 77Press7Press
Slot 88Press8Press
Slot 99Press9Press
Slot 00Press0Press
Scope elevation up“Page Up”Press“Page Up”Press
Scope elevation down“Page Dn”Press“Page Dn”Press
Hold breath“Left Shift”Press“Left Alt”Press
Icons toggleF11PressIPress

Remember that the most important thing is to find keybinds that are comfortable for your hands! So test the keys and find the best keybinds that work better for your hands!

Best Escape from Tarkov Mouse Settings

Good players usually use low sensitivity, but you don't have to use the same settings. You can find the best setting by testing it yourself.

You can start by trying the recommended setting below first.

Go to Settings > Controls > Keyboard and Mouse

Mouse sensitivity: 0.34
Mouse sensitivity (aiming): 0.5
Double click timeout: 0.3

Note that your mouse DPI also affects sensitivity in EFT. These settings are more comfortable with 400 DPI.

After these settings, if the mouse control is uncomfortable for you, you should increase or decrease the sensitivity a little more.

That's all. I hope this post was helpful to you.

If you discover different, more comfortable Escape from Tarkov control settings, please share the settings here by specifying which keyboard and mouse you have. You can use the comment box below.

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