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Escape from Tarkov - FPS Boost Guide (Updated 2024)

Escape from Tarkov fps boost

Escape from Tarkov: How to Increase FPS and Fix Performance Issues - Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore tactical and realistic online first-person shooter video game. So frame rates (FPS) are very important in EFT. If you want to play Escape from Tarkov smoothly, I listed some tips for you. This guide will fix the performance issues in Escape from Tarkov , such as low FPS, stuttering, lagging, freezingfps drop, and spikes.

There are 21 ways to increase your frame rates in Escape from Tarkov.

System Requirements for Running Escape from Tarkov

Minimum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
CPUDual-core processor 2.4 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo, i3), 2.6 GHz (AMD Athlon, Phenom II)Quad-core processor 3.2 GHz (Intel i5, i7), от 3.6 GHz (AMD FX, Athlon)
GPUDX11 compatible graphics card with 1 GB VRAMDX11 compatible graphics card with 2 GB or more VRAM
Storage21 GB available space21 GB available space
OSWindows 7/8/10/11 (64 Bit)Windows 7/8/10/11 (64 Bit)

1) Best Graphics Settings for Escape from Tarkov

You can skip this step if you don't want to change the graphics settings, but I highly recommend you have a look at these settings. If you have a decent PC, you can increase the settings slightly.

These High-Performance graphics settings are for PCs which close to the minimum system requirements.

Go to in-game video options and make sure the settings are as follows.


High PerformancePerformance
Screen modeFullscreenFullscreen
VSyncUncheck (Disable)Uncheck
Texture qualitylowmedium
Shadows qualitylowlow
Object LOD quality22
Overall visibility4001000
Anti-aliasingoffoff or TAA
Resampling1x off1x off
SSRoffoff or low
Anisotropic filteringoffoff
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latencyoffoff
Lobby FPS Limit6060
Game FPS Limit
High-quality colorUncheckUncheck
Chrom. aberrationsUncheckUncheck
Grass ShadowsUncheckUncheck
Mip StreamingUncheckUncheck

You can also enable NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR 2.1, or AMD FSR 1.0 to increase your FPS in Escape from Tarkov. Note that some players have stuttering and blurry texture issues after enabling DLSS or FSR in EFT. So try them out and if you don't have any problems, keep using them with the Balanced or Quality option.

NVIDIA users with a graphics card with Deep Learning Super Sampling support may prefer DLSS. Other NVIDIA users can use FSR 1.0.

On the other hand, AMD users should use AMD FSR 2.1 if they have a GPU that supports it. Otherwise, they can get some frame rate boost by enabling AMD FSR 1.0.

If DLSS or FSR makes the graphics excessively blurry, you can reduce the blur by increasing the sharpness setting.

Finally, save changes and exit the game.

2) Update Your Graphics Drivers

Maintaining updated graphics drivers is an important aspect of keeping your computer running smoothly and efficiently, particularly when it comes to gaming. Outdated GPU drivers can cause various issues such as reduced frame rates, visual glitches, and even game crashes.

Therefore, it is important to regularly check for and install updates to ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date. This can typically be done through the manufacturer's website or through a program like Device Manager in Windows.

Or, if you have an NVIDIA graphics card can download and install your latest drivers here. AMD users can download their new drivers here.

3) NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

To further optimize the performance and increase the FPS in Escape from Tarkov, you can adjust the settings in the Nvidia Control Panel. These settings have the potential to significantly impact the graphics and performance of the game, but they can be complex and require a certain level of understanding before making changes. Just follow the steps below completely. Here are the best NVIDIA Control Panel Settings for EFT:

  • Open your NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Go to the "Adjust image settings with preview" tab under 3D Settings.
  • Choose the "Use the advanced 3D image settings" option.
  • Hit the Apply button.
  • Then go to the Manage 3D settings section.
  • Open the Program Settings tab.
  • Click the Add
  • Select EscapeFromTarkov.exe from the list, then click on the "Add Selected Program" button.
  • After that, apply the following settings:

Anisotropic Filtering: Application-controlled
Antialiasing - FXAA: Off
Antialiasing - Gamma correction: Off
Antialiasing - Setting: Application-controlled
Antialiasing - Transparency: Off
Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
Shader Cache: On
Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization: On
Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias: Allow
Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization: On
Threaded optimization: Auto
Triple buffering: Off
Vertical sync: Off
Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames: 1

  • If you have a notebook, make sure you have selected the "High-performance NVIDIA processor" on the preferred graphics processor.
  • Apply and close the NVIDIA Control Panel.

The effect of the "Power management mode" setting differs between GPUs. If these settings made your FPS worse, just set the "Power management mode" to "Optimal power". After that, see if your frame rates increase. You can test it.

4) AMD Radeon Settings

If you are an AMD user, open your AMD Control Panel, select Escape from Tarkov under the Gaming tab, and make the following changes.

Radeon Anti-Lag: Enabled
Radeon Chill: Disabled
Radeon Boost: Disabled
Image Sharpening: Disabled
Radeon Enhanced Sync: Disabled
Wait for Vertical Refresh: Always off
Texture Filtering Quality: Performance

5) Intelligent Standby List Cleaner

I recommend using ISLC to get rid of the high RAM usage/memory leak issue. It will fix stuttering and Unity crashes in EFT.

The "Intelligent standby list cleaner" application will monitor and clear the memory standby list when it is > 1000mb (1gb).

  • Download the Intelligent standby list cleaner
  • Run the 7-zip file.
  • Extract to a folder.
  • Go to that folder.
  • Run the "Intelligent standby list cleaner ISLC" application.
  • Check the "Start ISLC minimized and auto-Start monitoring"
  • Also, check the "Launch ISLC on user logon"
  • Now, click on the Start button
  • Minimize
Intelligent Standby List Cleaner

6) Full-screen Optimizations & High DPI

You should disable full-screen optimizations and change High DPI scaling in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

full-screen optimizations
  • Go to the folder where the game is installed.
  • Right-click on the EscapeFromTarkov.exe application
  • Hit the Properties
  • Tick "Disable full-screen optimizations" on the Compatibility tab.
  • After that, click on the "Change high DPI settings" button.
  • Under the "High DPI scaling override" section, tick the "Override high DPI scaling behavior"
  • Use the "Scaling performed by:" drop-down menu and select the "Application"
  • Click on OK and again OK.
High DPI

7) Power Options

If the CPU cooler is not enough, you can skip this setting. Processor temperature may increase by 5-6 degrees.

power plan
  • Right-click the Windows icon on the bottom left.
  • Click the Power Options
  • Click the Additional power settings
  • Select the High performance (or Ultimate Performance if possible) on the Preferred plans tab.
  • After, click the Change plan settings link next to High performance.
  • Tap on the Change advanced power settings
  • Find Processor power management in the incoming list, click the + icon on the left side.
  • Set Minimum processor state and Maximum processor state to 100%
  • Click on the OK

8) Game Mode

  • To turn off Windows 10 game mode, click the Start icon to bring up the Start menu. Then open the Settings.
  • Click the Gaming
  • On the Game Bar tab, set the "Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar" to Off.
  • On the Captures tab, set the "Record in the background while I'm playing a game" to Off.
  • On the Game Mode tab, set the "Game Mode" to Off.

If you are using an older version of Windows 10, you may not see the Game Mode settings. In this case, you can configure the settings directly in the Registry.

  • Press the Windows logo key and R key simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Type regedit
  • Press the Enter key.
  • The Registry Editor will open. In the left panel, Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\GameBar
  • Right-click inside the panel and select New
  • Click on the DWORD (32-bit) Value
registry new
  • Rename the New Key to AllowAutoGameMode
  • Right-click on the AllowAutoGameMode
  • Select the Modify…
  • Set the "Value data" to 0
auto game mode
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Close the Registry Editor.
  • Restart your PC.

9) Windows Performance Options

  • Type advanced system settings into the Windows search bar.
  • Then open the "View advanced system settings"
  • Go to the Visual Effects section.
  • Select Custom and uncheck all settings except "Show thumbnails instead of icons" and "Smooth edges of screen fonts". After that, click OK.
Windows Performance Options

10) Cleaning Temporary Files

Another way to improve the performance of your PC is by deleting temporary files. This is especially effective on low-spec PCs, as it can significantly increase speed. Here are the steps to follow in order to delete temporary files:

  • Simultaneously press the Windows logo and R keys.
  • Type %temp%
  • Press Enter key.
  • Delete everything in the Temp folder that opens. You can skip undeleted.
  • Again, Simultaneously press the Windows logo and R keys.
  • Type temp
  • Press Enter key.
  • Delete everything in the folder that opens.
  • Again, Simultaneously press the Windows logo and R keys.
  • Type prefetch
  • Press Enter key.
  • Delete everything in the Prefetch folder that opens.

Finally, empty the Recycle Bin

11) SSD

If you have a Solid-State Drive (SSD), I highly recommend installing the game on the SSD or moving the game files to the SSD. This is because SSDs are much faster than traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and can significantly improve the load times and performance in EFT. In fact, the difference in speed can be quite noticeable, especially if you're used to playing on an HDD. Overall, the benefits of using an SSD for gaming are numerous and well worth the effort.

12) Optimize the Discord

If you are using Discord, disable the Hardware Acceleration and in-game overlay.

  • Use the cogwheel icon to go to the User Settings menu in Discord.
  • Open the Advanced menu.
  • Turn off the Hardware Acceleration
  • Restart Discord.
Discord Hardware Acceleration
  • Then re-open User Settings in your Discord.
  • Go to the Game Overlay menu.
  • Turn off the "Enable in-game overlay"

13) Optimize the Google Chrome

If you're using Google Chrome, you'll need to make this setting.

chrome setting
  • Go to the settings page in Chrome
  • Click the Advanced
  • Go to the System tab
  • Finally, uncheck the "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed"

14) Background Processes

You should close all unnecessary apps, such as Chrome, OneDrive, Spotify, and Citrix Workspace. Also, if your Discord app is idle, you should quit Discord.

You can also use the task manager to disable everything that runs at startup and unnecessarily consumes your system resources.

15) Reduce Ping and Fix Lag

  • Go to the ExitLag page
  • Click on the "FREE 3 DAYS TRIAL" button.
  • Create an account.
  • Verify the Email
  • Download and install the ExitLag.
  • Launch the ExitLag.
  • Search the Escape from Tarkov in the ExitLag app.
  • Select the Escape from Tarkov
  • Select a game region
  • Click on the APPLY ROUTES button.

16) GPU Scheduling & Graphics Performance Preference

To reduce latency and improve performance in Tarkov, you can enable the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling feature in your Windows settings. And to run the game with maximum performance GPU, you must follow the steps below.

  • Type graphics into the Windows search bar.
  • Open the Graphics Settings
  • Switch On the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling
  • Then use the "Choose an app to set preference" drop-down list and select Desktop app under the "Graphics performance preference" section.
  • Hit the Browse button.
Graphics performance preference
  • Select EscapeFromTarkov.exe and click Add.
  • You will see Escape From Tarkov on the list. Click on it and hit the Options button.
  • Select High performance and click the Save button.

17) Maximum Number of Logical Processors

Escape from Tarkov is CPU bound. The performance of the processor significantly affects the FPS in the game. You can improve your CPU's performance by setting the number of logical processors on your PC. Follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + R keys.
  • Type msconfig into the Run dialog box
  • Select OK.
  • In the System Configuration window, go to the Boot tab.
  • Select your OS and click the "Advanced options" button.
  • Then checkmark the "Number of processors".
  • Choose the highest number from the menu.
  • Then click OK.
  • Restart your PC.
Number of processors

18) Clear cache

In some cases, clearing the cache can fix performance issues. EFT players who had previously experienced FPS drops and massive stuttering got rid of it by clearing the cache. You can clear the cache on the BSG launcher.

  • Run the Battlestate Games Launcher.
  • Click on your Profile name.
  • Select Clear cache.
Tarkov Clear cache

19) Disable Binaural Audio

The developers reworked the sound mechanics, but now the binaural audio makes a huge performance impact in Tarkov. Turning off binaural audio may increase your FPS, fix micro stutters while moving and make your game lag less. Go to Settings > Sound menu in the game. Then untick the "Binaural audio" to disable it. After that, save the changes.

20) Turn Off PostFX

EFT PostFX hugely tanks FPS in some cases. So you should turn off the PostFX if you have enabled it before. Then check if it fixed your low FPS issue. You can disable the PostFX in the settings menu. Go to Settings > PostFX and uncheck the "Enable PostFX".

21) Increase The Priority

You need to make this change every time you launch the game.

  • Launch the game.
  • Simultaneously press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open the Task Manager.
  • Click on the Details tab.
  • In the list, find the EscapeFromTarkov.exe application.
  • Right-click on the EscapeFromTarkov.exe application and Set priority to High.

Important!: Since patch 0.13, FPS drops after a while, especially playing in the Streets of Tarkov map. This issue is due to VRAM leak. For now, the only solution seems to be restarting the game. Restarting EFT after every 2-3 raids will fix the low fps issue and micro stuttering.

I hope this Escape From Takov FPS Boost Guide helps you. If you have a problem, leave a comment below with your PC specs.


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  • I'm on a $5k Razer 2022 17 inch Laptop with a 3080 ti and I was getting on AVG 20 frames using your tips I'm now happy around 100!

  • Hi Ghostarrow.

    Just got a new Desktop (was on Laptop) in the hopes of getting better performance. My Specs are:
    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor
    31.93 GM RAM

    I'm now getting 10FPS in Raid and it is unplayable. Have done all the steps above and loaded on both HDD and SSD (same result). Any help you can provide?

  • Been playing fine for a while but now my fps has dropped to 10-13! its horrible and I don't know what happened. I am running the game on my laptop as my desktop is out of commission at the moment but havent had issues with my laptop as its new and pretty decent. Here are my specs:

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q Design
    RAM: 16GB
    SSD: 1TB

  • This guide was perfect and everything I needed to max out my FPS on a gaming laptop. Thank you so much!

  • nice maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan:))

  • Thank God after a year of dropping about 40 FPS every time I scope in, I can finally play the game. I followed the whole guide I don't know what did it but I'm over 90 FPS constantly now.

  • I just did all of this and now tarkov won't open. Literally when I click play it brings up a black screen and stays that way

    • If you have applied method 6, restore settings.

      Right-click on the EscapeFromTarkov.exe application
      Hit the Properties
      Uncheck “Disable full-screen optimizations” on the Compatibility tab.
      After that, click on the “Change high DPI settings” button.
      Under the “High DPI scaling override” section, uncheck the “Override high DPI scaling behavior“

      Try to launch game. If it is still the same, navigate to C:\Users\*YourUserName*\Documents\Escape from Tarkov

      Delete the local.ini file.

      By the way, sometimes we encounter a black screen as there is a problem with the server. Unluckily, you might have tried to enter the game at that time.

  • I tested this optimization and found it
    My FPS has improved by about 10~30. Very useful.
    My computer is equipped with:
    CPU | i5-4590 3.3 Ghz (1- 3.7 GHz) 4/4
    RAM | DDR3 1600Mhz - 16GB (8GBx2)
    GPU | MSI GTX1060 Gaming X 6G
    MB | MSI H97 Gaming3
    Game in [SSD 128GB]
    我測試過這個優化 用完之後發現
    我的FPS提高了約10~30 非常有用
    CPU | i5-4590 3.3 Ghz (1- 3.7 GHz) 4/4
    RAM | DDR3 1600Mhz - 16GB (8GBx2)
    GPU | MSI GTX1060 Gaming X 6G
    MB | MSI H97 Gaming3
    Game in [SSD 128GB]

    Thanks you , ghostarrow website ! : )