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MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD - How to FIX Freezing and Fatal Error 12


In MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD there are those who encounter a strange error like "Fatal Error Err12: Graphic device crashed".

Most people say Fatal Error 12 is triggered by the temperature of the graphics card. I'll give advice for both the graphics card and a few settings.


If you have a Asus motherboard and have installed the AI Suite 3, try this.

  • Go to TPU
  • Click on Graphics cards tab
  • Change from Auto the Smart Mode


If the graphics card is overclocked, turn off your GPU overclock. You can easily make this setting in the graphics card software.


Updating the operating system may also solve this problem.


Use lower graphics settings and lower resolution. Also put the Vsync on and make sure the frame limit is at 60 or lower.


Make sure your firewall has the game folder in exceptions.


If you didnt update your graphics card driver for months, try the new drivers.


Try run game as Administrator.


You can limit your graphics card temperature to around 67-70 C.

  • Install the MSI Afterburner
  • Set priority to Temp, Limit (C)
  • Set it to 67
  • Apply
msi afterburner

This may affect FPS as the GPU will underclock or speed up fans to keep the card cooler. If this setting prevents you from getting an error, you can try to up the temperature limit a little further.


If previous settings did not work, turn off all FPS&CPU&GPU monitoring programs like Msi Afterburner, RivaTuner and Fraps.

These are all the tips I've compiled. Those who have questions can write comments below.