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Ghost of Tsushima Failed to initialize PlayStation PC SDK

Some players report an error "Failed to initialize PlayStation PC SDK" with Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT on PC.

Ghost of Tsushima Failed to initialize PlayStation PC SDK

Ghost of Tsushima, once a PlayStation exclusive, has finally made its debut on PC with the release of the Director's Cut version.

This highly anticipated port has excited many gamers, eager to dive into the rich, immersive world of Tsushima.

Unfortunately, not everyone is experiencing smooth gameplay.

Soon after the release, a growing number of players have reported encountering the frustrating "Failed to initialize PlayStation PC SDK" error, preventing them from enjoying the game.

If you're facing this issue, don't worry—this guide provides effective solutions to get you back on track.

Failed to initialize PlayStation PC SDK Error in Ghost of Tsushima

The "Failed to initialize PlayStation PC SDK" error indicates a problem with the PlayStation PC SDK application, which is crucial for running certain PlayStation games on PC, like Ghost of Tsushima.

This error can prevent the game from launching, making it essential to address it promptly.

Solution 1: Running the PSPC SDK Runtime Installer

To resolve the initialization error, follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate the Game Folder

First, navigate to the folder where Ghost of Tsushima is installed.

This folder typically contains all the necessary files and installers required for the game to function correctly.

Step 2: Run the PSPC SDK Runtime Installer

Inside the game folder, look for the file named pspcsdkruntimeinstaller.msi.

Double-click this file to run the installer.

This step ensures that the PlayStation PC SDK runtime is properly installed on your system.

Step 3: Execute the PSPC SDK Application Manager

After installing the runtime, go to the directory C:\ProgramData\Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc\PSPC_SDK\S22\

Here, you will find a file named pspcsdkappmrg.exe.

Run this application to complete the setup.

Step 4: Launch the Game

Once you have completed the above steps, try launching Ghost of Tsushima again.

The initialization error should now be resolved.

This method has proven effective for many users.

Solution 2: Deleting the PlayStation PC SDK Folder

If the first solution did not work, or if you prefer a different approach, try the following method to fix it:

Step 1: Identify the Problematic Folder

The error may be caused by issues within the PlayStation PC SDK folder.

Specifically, the folder located at C:\ProgramData\Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc could be the source of the problem.

Step 2: Delete the Folder

Navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc directory and delete the entire folder.

This action removes any corrupted or problematic files associated with the PlayStation PC SDK application.

Step 3: Re-launch the Game

After deleting the folder, attempt to start GoT again.

Surprisingly, this simple deletion has worked wonders for many players, allowing the game to launch without any issues.