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Best Arma 3 Mods 2023

Best Arma 3 Mods

Arma 3 has enjoyed an enduring popularity among gaming communities, and for good reason. Boasting a rich, diverse, and highly customizable gaming environment, the Arma series stands out as a pinnacle in the world of military simulation. In fact, the soul of Arma 3's longevity arguably lies in its thriving modding community, an industrious group of players committed to enhancing and expanding the game’s already immersive world. As we dive into the best mods of 2023, you'll definitely discover some amazing additions that can radically transform your Arma 3 experience.

1. CBA_A3

With the goal of fostering community-wide acceptance and maintaining compatibility among addons, CBA_A3 is a system that offers a suite of features for addon makers and mission designers. It encourages the community to request or submit functionality, creating an interactive and collaborative environment. Most importantly, it provides a comprehensive function library that considerably enhances gameplay experience.

2. Dog - Preview (no scripts)

Continuing the momentum, let's explore the "Dog - Preview (no scripts)" mod. This mod introduces a highly detailed model of a German Shepherd along with a host of intricate animations to Arma 3.

Dog - Preview (no scripts) - Best Arma 3 Mods

Envisioned to be a working K9 unit, the mod allows for a range of actions such as searching, attacking, and reacting dynamically to different situations. Planned features include attaching the dog to your character for parachuting, adding a harness, and even implementing a dog kennel.

3. PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battle Royale

If you're craving intense, heart-pounding action, look no further than PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battle Royale. This Arma 3 mod, which intriguingly served as the genesis for the wildly popular game PUBG: Battlegrounds, offers a fast-paced, last man standing match inspired by the book/movie 'Battle Royale'. Here, survival is the only rule. The ever-changing game dynamics make this mod extremely compelling for adrenaline junkies, effectively capturing the thrilling essence that would later evolve into PUBG's worldwide phenomenon.

4. Unsung

For those yearning for an authentic historical experience, Unsung is your go-to Arma 3 mod in 2023. With 12 maps, 12 factions, 130 weapons, and much more, this mod offers a deeply immersive Vietnam War experience. The mod boasts realistic jungle warfare and hand-to-hand combat, making every mission a high-stakes survival adventure.

5. 3den Enhanced

A modification designed to ease the life of scenario editors, 3den Enhanced adds new functionalities to the Eden Editor without creating dependencies for players. It features numerous new tools, entity and mission attributes, making the editor experience richer and more intuitive.

6. BreakingPoint

The post-apocalyptic genre has a firm grip on the gaming world, and BreakingPoint offers one of the best survival experiences in Arma 3.

BreakingPoint - Best Arma 3 Mods 2023

With eight unique factions, scoring and leveling systems, and a fully fleshed out base-building mechanic, this mod delivers both a compelling PVE and PVP experience set in a zombie-infested world.

7. Cytech Underground Map

Breaking the norm of traditional ARMA terrains, the Cytech Underground Map introduces a complex, atmospheric 8km² underground environment, with strong emphasis on gaming performance. With thousands of custom assets, this mod is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Arma 3.

8. WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a big difference. WMO - Walkable Moving Objects is a mod that lets you walk on moving vehicles, enriching the realism and immersion of the Arma 3 experience.

9. Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)

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10. Improved Melee System

Taking a step forward, we have the "Improved Melee System" mod, providing a completely new layer of depth to Arma 3's combat. Mimicking the style of melee fighting seen in games like Dying Light and Darktide, this mod not only introduces new animations and sounds, but it also brings in a fully-fledged first-person melee system. This mod is also packed with a custom camera system to ensure smoother gameplay and an array of diverse movesets for weapons such as swords, knives, axes, and more. On top of all, this mod also invites players to contribute by allowing the creation of their own melee weapons.

11. OPCOM - Operations Command

Transitioning to a more tactical side, "OPCOM - Operations Command" is an intuitive mod that allows users to set up their single-player scenarios efficiently. Providing a comprehensive menu for mission set-up, this mod is not only ideal for crafting challenging missions but also perfect for testing new maps and content. With a recent update ensuring compatibility with the Prairie Fire DLC, OPCOM remains a reliable tool for Arma 3 players seeking a more personalized gameplay experience.

12. All-in-One Command Menu (Deluxe)

Adding on to player control and engagement, "All-in-One Command Menu (Deluxe)" grants players additional commands over AI units. Rather than serving as an AI enhancement mod, this tool enhances the player's command control over the AI, presenting a variety of commands such as healing, dragging, carrying wounded units, stance control, defensive options, and weapon management, to name a few. This mod indeed brings a detailed level of squad management to Arma 3's combat scenarios.

13. 3CB Factions

To round off this list, "3CB Factions" extends the diversity in Arma 3 by adding a plethora of new factions to the game. This mod is designed to complement Project Opfor and RHS packs and offers factions such as Altis Armed Forces, African Desert Army, Afghan National Army, Chernarus Police Department, and many more, spread across the Blufor, Indfor, Opfor, and Civilians categories. This mod is an excellent choice for mission makers seeking to introduce more variety into their custom scenarios.

3CB Factions - Best Arma 3 Mods

14. Operation TREBUCHET (OPTRE)

Topping the list of best Arma 3 mods for 2023, Operation TREBUCHET (OPTRE) stands out by enabling players to dive headfirst into the thrilling universe of Halo, but from a rather different, ground-level perspective. This comprehensive mod pivots away from the lens of superhuman Spartan warriors, instead highlighting the relentless battles of ordinary soldiers. The mod also introduces a separately developed First Contact expansion, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of new content without hindering the main mod's development.

15. Snapping for Eden and Zeus

Transitioning towards improving editor functionality, the "Snapping for Eden and Zeus" mod makes aligning objects in the game's editor a breeze. It offers object-to-object snapping, translation, rotation, and surface features. The mod is client-side for Zeus and does not create mission dependencies. It works for all objects inheriting from the Static class, providing game developers an edge in managing their object placements more efficiently.

16. WebKnight's Two Primary Weapons

In the arena of best Arma 3 mods for 2023, the "WebKnight's Two Primary Weapons" mod brilliantly expands character capabilities by allowing the player to simultaneously carry two primary weapons, reminiscent of popular games like PUBG or DayZ. With its custom animations, innovative feature for saving weapons after respawning, and positional options for the secondary weapon, this mod opens up a plethora of tactical combinations, particularly when paired with other weapon mods in the game.

17. Tracer Fires

Next, we encounter the "Tracer Fires" mod. In an attempt to boost realism, this mod makes tracer rounds a potential fire hazard. Depending on weather conditions, tracer rounds can start fires, some of which can grow into dangerous and potentially lethal fires. The mod offers adjustments through CBA settings and is compatible with most weapons and maps.

Tracer Fires - Best Arma 3 Mods

18. Kamikaze Drone (FPV drones)

Now, let's turn our attention to a unique addition, the "Kamikaze Drone (FPV drones)" mod. It introduces a new AR-2 drone armed with an RPG rocket. The ammunition can be triggered manually or by ramming an enemy vehicle. You can find the backpack containing the drone in the arsenal or the drones in the "drones" tab under Arma 3 vanilla factions (CSAT, NATO, AAF).

19. TV Guided missile (SPIKE NLOS)

Increasing the range of armament options, the "TV Guided missile (SPIKE NLOS)" mod brings a new dynamic to missile warfare. With this mod, players can launch and steer missiles using a camera view, and switch between different camera modes for optimal targeting. This mod is 100% vanilla and adds three new missiles to the game: Titan AT, AP, and KE, all denoted with (Seeker).

20. Novogorsk

Finally, we reach "Novogorsk", a mod that adds a whole new province to the post-Soviet republic of Chernarus. Novogorsk, a key stronghold in the conflict between the CDF and ChDKZ insurgents, has a rich history and a diverse landscape. The 5x5 km area features multiple towns and villages, valley terrain, bombed-out locations, factories, and gas works. The mod adds a mix of forest, fields, hills, and multiple fortified fighting positions, making it an excellent choice for scenario builders looking to diversify their settings.

The Arma 3 gaming community in 2023 continues to flourish with the best mods that significantly enhance the gaming experience. Whether it's refining combat mechanics, introducing unique gameplay features, or expanding the factions and maps, there's something for every Arma enthusiast. Yet, the realm of modding isn't just confined to Arma 3. If you're a player who also enjoys traversing the infinite expanse of space in No Man's Sky, we've got an exciting collection just for you. Take a leap into the cosmic unknown and explore our curated list of the best No Man's Sky mods to make your space exploration more thrilling and immersive.