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Damiensaber Lightsaber Review: Unleash the Force Within You

In the realm of Star Wars fandom, where passion knows no bounds, the ultimate dream is to wield a lightsaber. Thanks to advancements in technology and the relentless dedication of some companies to delivering on that dream, fans now have a chance to do just that.

Enter Damiensaber, a company known for their high-quality, highly-detailed lightsaber replicas, that are not only suitable for display but also for duelling. Today, we're taking a deep dive into their latest offering: the DAMIENSABER Lightsaber-XRGB3.0 XENO3.0 Proffie Metal Hilt Heavy Dueling Light Saber.

Damiensaber Lightsaber Review - The Force will be with you

A New Level of Lightsaber Technology: XRGB3.0 & XENO3.0

Unveiled in March 2023, Damiensaber's newest versions, XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0, offer advanced features to any lightsaber enthusiast. These aren't just hunks of metal - they're finely tuned, technologically advanced replicas that will certainly take your lightsaber experience to a whole new level. For instance, they come with Bluetooth support for easier control and updates.

Moreover, these versions have more sensitive sensors for accurate motion control, amplified sounds, diversified color changing methods, a variety of light effects, and much more. All these enhancements combine to create a remarkably immersive Star Wars experience.

XRGB3.0: Immersive Duel Experience

The Baselit 16 Sounds Version - XRGB3.0 is the ideal choice for those craving a more immersive dueling experience. With 16 sets of sound effects and additional movie character lightsaber sound effects, it brings the iconic Star Wars battles to life. Furthermore, more sound effects can be added using an SD card, providing almost limitless customization options.

One significant upgrade in this version is the ability to turn the Flash on Clash (FOC) function on and off. This function, which previously couldn't be turned off, was reported to hinder fans during competitions. Now, it can be easily turned off when not needed.

The XRGB3.0 also has three light effects: Steady, Pulse, and Unstable. It comes with three blade models: Standard, Ghost, and Blaster.

XENO3.0: The Ultimate Lightsaber Experience

If you're after the ultimate lightsaber experience, the XenoPixel XENO3.0 Version should be your go-to. This version offers free switching between pixel and RGB modes, an array of special blade effects, and 12 unique blade modes. Indeed, the XENO3.0 takes the lightsaber experience to a whole new level.

Most impressively, it offers 34 sets of sound fonts. Plus, the included micro SD card allows you to expand the library of sound fonts even further. You can customize the blade's light effects, ranging from Steady to Flash blade, to suit your preferences or the character you're portraying.

Also, The XENO3.0 version comes with a 34 set sound font package, offering an even wider array of sound options.

Lightsaber - Impressive Motion Control and Sound Effects

Impressive Motion Control and Sound Effects

The newest versions, XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0, released by Damiensaber in March 2023, provide a significant upgrade in motion control and sound effects. Thanks to more sensitive sensors and a 2-in-1 soundboard, you experience a more precise, immersive, and authentic duelling experience.

The lightsabers use original WAV sound files for clearer, undistorted, high-fidelity audio. A potent combination of a 4W high-power speaker and a high-fidelity power amplifier ensures louder sound. Furthermore, the waving sound has been improved with added high and low pitch, making the swing sound more realistic and intense.

The XRGB3.0 comes with 16 sets of sound effects, including 4 movie character lightsaber sound effects. You can also add more sound effects through an SD card. This version also includes a Flash on Clash (FOC) function that can be turned on/off based on your preference, making it more suitable for duelling competitions.

The XENO3.0 version includes a default micro SD card, allowing you to add a library of sound fonts. The xenopixel version comes with 34 sets of sound fonts, offering a diverse sound palette for your lightsaber duels.

Versatile Blade and Lighting Effects

The newest versions XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0 offer diverse and customizable blade and lighting effects. With the updated functions, you can adjust the brightness and blade length, select light effects, and change the blade color, all through a convenient Bluetooth APP connection. The new versions introduce diversified color-changing methods, including fast color changing, rotation color changing, and infinite color changing.

Lightsaber - Versatile Blade and Lighting Effects

The XRGB3.0 lightsaber offers three blade models, including Standard mode, Ghost mode, and Blaster mode, which can be turned on or off based on your preference. It also includes three light effects: Steady, Pulse, and Unstable.

On the other hand, the XENO3.0 version introduces 12 blade modes in total, including Standard blade, Velocity blade, Torch blade, Blaster blade, Ghost blade, and seven more unique ignition modes. It also features new special effects, including Steady, Pulse, Rainbow blade, Candy blade, Unstable, Crack blade, Fire blade, and Flash blade.

Outstanding Build Quality and Design

The lightsaber boasts a durable and comfortable aluminum hilt. The blade, made of 2mm thick polycarbonate, supports heavy duelling, promising durability and reliability. A 3000mah 3.7V rechargeable 18650 Battery powers the lightsaber. A full-range, 23mm electric speaker enhances the sound quality of the lightsaber.

In terms of design, the lightsaber offers somatosensory saber opening methods, including swing to turn on, rotate to turn on, and pull and push to turn on. The charging slot is concealed in the hilt's pommel, adding to the lightsaber's aesthetic appeal while also making it easy to charge.

Extraordinary App Integration

In an age where technology is intertwined with our daily lives, Damiensaber has risen to the challenge and incorporated Bluetooth App connectivity to their XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0 versions.

Using the "Xeno Configurator" App, you can switch the saber on and off, change the color, adjust the volume, adjust the brightness and blade length, select the sound package and light effect, check the battery percentage, adjust the sensitivity, and restore the factory settings with one key, etc.

Upgrading the firmware is also a breeze, thanks to the Bluetooth App compatibility.

Damiensaber Lightsaber Xeno Configurator

What's in the Box?

When you open the carefully packaged Damiensaber box, the first thing you'll find is the handle with its installed kit and rechargeable battery. This handle is your gateway to the iconic lightsaber experience. Following the handle, you will discover a blade crafted from durable polycarbonate material. Its default length is 92cm, perfectly designed to support heavy dueling and make your Star Wars fantasies come to life.

In addition to the handle and blade, the package includes a charging cable, ensuring that your lightsaber is always ready for action. You'll also find an accessories bag, providing you with all the small necessities for maintaining and customizing your lightsaber. Lastly, an easy-to-understand user manual is provided to guide you through all the features and operation of your new weapon from a more civilized age.

Final Thoughts: The Ultimate Lightsaber Experience

Damiensaber's latest lightsaber models are, without a doubt, a game-changer for every Star Wars enthusiast. With remarkable features, diverse sound and lighting effects, an ergonomic design, and a durable build, they offer the ultimate lightsaber experience. They are not just movie props; they bring the Star Wars universe to your hands. Whether you are a duelling fanatic or a passionate collector, Damiensaber's lightsabers will undoubtedly enhance your Star Wars journey.

One minor drawback to note, however, is the single-button control system on the lightsaber itself. While this keeps the design sleek, it may require some time to master all settings with just one button. Thankfully, the accompanying mobile app provides a more user-friendly interface for customizing your lightsaber's settings.

Lastly, in the words of the great Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, "This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age". Damiensaber's lightsabers bring not just movie props, but the Star Wars universe to your hands. Whether you are a duelling fanatic or a passionate collector, Damiensaber's lightsabers will undoubtedly enhance your Star Wars journey.

For those interested in exploring what Damiensaber has to offer, you can check out the Baselit 16 XRGB3.0 Lightsaber valued at $155 here.

Remember, with Damiensaber's lightsabers, the Force will always be with you!