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Diablo 4 Review (Pros & Cons)

Diablo 4 Review (Pros & Cons)

Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo 4, the fourth main installment in the widely acclaimed Diablo series, emerges as a much-anticipated sequel that brilliantly addresses past shortcomings. By dedicating ample time to crafting an immersive, dark, and rewarding action role-playing game, Blizzard delivers a compelling narrative, enhanced technical elements, and innovative gameplay mechanics. The combination of these aspects potentially establishes Diablo IV as an endless game for a multitude of players.

Storyline: A Return to Sanctuary

Diablo 4's storyline can be as complex or straightforward as players prefer. Regardless of players' knowledge of the franchise's extensive lore, the game quickly establishes a fresh narrative through an outstanding opening cinematic. The game introduces a new antagonist, Lilith, the malevolent daughter of Mephisto, who, through a dark ritual, returns to wreak havoc in the world of Sanctuary.

The player's objective is to stop Lilith, aided by a collection of side characters who each contribute to the unfolding drama. Diablo IV’s storytelling is vastly improved through frequent in-engine cutscenes that capture the emotional depth of the characters. The pre-rendered cinematics also contribute to an immersive gaming experience, highlighting Blizzard's expertise in this area.

Diablo 4 Review - Storyline - Lilith

Technicalities: A Blend of Old and New

Diablo IV introduces a significant leap forward in the franchise’s technical elements, despite maintaining familiar aspects from Diablo III. One notable change is the requirement for a persistent online connection, which has its pros and cons.

This always-online feature has been subject to criticism, due to certain drawbacks such as delays in accessing the game and the inability to manually save progress, which can lead to the repeated completion of certain tasks. These factors have left some players longing for an offline mode.

However, the online component also brings the game to life, creating a lively environment that mirrors smaller World of Warcraft servers, complete with other players and in-world events offering enhanced rewards. The online community and offline dungeon-crawler concepts coexist, making it fascinating to see how the servers fill up post-launch.

Gameplay: The Art of Hack and Slash

Despite these technical concerns, Diablo 4 offers a compelling gaming experience that leaves players captivated. The game's hack-and-slash combat is remarkably satisfying, providing players with a multitude of combinations and options to explore.

Where Diablo IV truly shines is in its class system. This game offers five distinct classes - Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, Necromancer, and Druid. These choices provide a broad spectrum of gameplay styles, allowing players to tailor their experiences to their personal preferences.

Diablo 4 Review - class

Each class in Diablo IV boasts its own unique mechanics, lending an extra layer of strategy and depth to the gameplay. Each class offers unique synergies and cooldowns, which can quickly become mind-boggling as players discover new combinations. This is coupled with an impressive character customization tool, which enables players to modify the physical features of their selected class. A promising prospect is Blizzard's potential to introduce even more classes in the future, providing an ever-evolving playstyle landscape.

The game's redesigned skill tree is simpler and easily reassigned, making it easier for players to experiment with new builds. The game also offers an adjustable difficulty level, providing a more challenging and rewarding gameplay experience for players who seek it.

Diablo 4 Review - skill

The World: Expansive and Inviting

Diablo IV's world is vast, featuring distinct areas, formidable bosses, and intricately designed dungeons. The game streamlines many elements, such as teleporting out of a dungeon at any time, making it a more accessible experience for players. The sense of achievement when acquiring rare loot or discovering new armor styles is compelling and further enhances the addictive nature of the game.

Graphics and Audio: Dark and Engrossing

Graphically, Diablo 4 may not break new ground in terms of fidelity, but the attention to detail is impressive. The dark, brooding world of Sanctuary is back, complete with winding mines and blood-splattered ruins. The reactive environment, which can be broken apart and scattered, adds to the immersion and satisfaction of gameplay.

Moreover, the game’s audio design is commendable. The sound effects accompanying each interaction — be it the crunch of shattered set-dressing or the satisfying clatter of loot chests — greatly enrich the gaming experience.

Pros & Cons

Diablo IV is a triumphant return for the franchise, offering a near-limitless experience for committed players while still catering to those seeking a more linear journey. Its rich visual and auditory design, alongside highly enjoyable and variable classes, all drenched in a signature gothic darkness, make Diablo 4 a compelling game that’s well worth playing.


  • Engaging narrative with immersive storytelling.
  • Technological advances, especially with in-engine cutscenes.
  • Satisfying, customizable combat system.
  • Large, diverse game world filled with distinct areas, bosses, and dungeons.
  • Streamlined gameplay mechanics.
  • Impressive attention to detail in both graphics and audio.


  • Inventory space is limited and can be overwhelming due to the variety of loot.
  • The mount is unlocked too late in the game, slowing down early exploration.
  • Persistent online connection is required, causing occasional connectivity issues.
  • The default camera angle might be uncomfortable for some, particularly in ranged fights.