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PUBG - Stuck in Loading Screen After Match [Fix]


Some players can't get back to the lobby after the match is over. They encounter a black screen. Is your PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS too stuck on the loading screen? Here is how to fix it.

The solution to this problem is smashing Shift with Backspace several times. Just press randomly Shift key and Backspace key. It is weird, but it works!

Hopefully, the developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will fix this bug.

Yeah. Smashing randomly shift and backspace or shift and escape either holding the shift while smashing the backspace or escape or without holding, works. WTF? Anyway. If that doesn't work at least it brings up the menu to restart the lobby so you get back to the game.

Edit: Apparently this method removes ALL XP you earned with your weapons during the last match. So your weapons don't level up at all if you use this method. So the error has to do something with uploading files to the server and servers working incorrectly because of bad port forwarding or whatever. It's a network issue for sure.

Mr Weedy

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