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ARK: Survival Ascended

ARK: Survival Ascended - UNet Connection TIMED OUT

ARK Survival Ascended - UNet Connection TIMED OUT

Many ARK: Survival Ascended players have encountered the frustrating "UNetConnection::Tick: Connection TIMED OUT" error when trying to connect to a server. In this guide, we'll explore whether it's possible to overcome this issue and discuss potential solutions.

What Causes the UNet Connection TIMED OUT Error?

The "UNet Connection TIMED OUT" error can be attributed to several factors. One potential cause is server congestion, which can overwhelm the game's network, leading to connection timeouts.

Additionally, it's important to note that ARK: Survival Ascended is an early access game, which means it's still in development and undergoing frequent updates. As a result, experiencing such issues is unfortunately par for the course as the developers work to improve the game's stability.

In rare cases, the error may also be related to your internet connection. A weak or unstable internet connection can result in communication problems between your computer and the ARK servers, leading to timeouts. Therefore, it's essential to ensure a stable and robust internet connection to minimize the likelihood of encountering this error while playing ARK: Survival Ascended.

How to Fix the "UNet Connection TIMED OUT" Issue in ARK: Survival Ascended

Let's delve into the UNet Connection TIMED OUT error that ARK: Survival Ascended players often face and briefly discuss some solutions. We'll provide detailed step-by-step instructions for these potential fixes in the following sections.

1. Reinstall BattlEye

If you're experiencing the "UNet Connection TIMED OUT" error, it might be related to your BattlEye installation. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Open your Steam Library menu.
  2. Right-click on ARK: Survival Ascended.
  3. Select Manage > Browse local files.
  4. Navigate to ShooterGame > Binaries > Win64 > BattlEye folder.
  5. Right-click on Uninstall_BattlEye.bat and select "Run as administrator".
  6. Then go back and delete the BattlEye folder.
  7. Now go to Steam and repair the game files by navigating to Library > Right-click ARK: Survival Ascended > Properties > Installed Files > Verify integrity of game files.

This action will help ensure a clean reinstallation of BattlEye and potentially resolve the issue in your game.

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2. Restart Your Router

Sometimes, network issues can lead to the "UNet Connection TIMED OUT" error in ARK: Survival Ascended. Try these steps:

  1. Turn off your router and wait for about 10 seconds.
  2. Turn it back on.
  3. Wait for your modem or router to fully restart.
  4. Attempt to connect to your ARK: Survival Ascended server again.

3. Use VPN

Using a VPN can sometimes help bypass network issues that cause the "UNet Connection TIMED OUT" error in ARK: Survival Ascended. If the issue persists, consider using a VPN. Here's how:

  1. Subscribe to a reputable VPN service if you don't already have one.
  2. Install and launch the VPN client.
  3. Connect to a server location close to the ARK server's physical location.
  4. Try connecting to the ARK server again .

Final Thoughts

When encountering the "UNet Connection TIMED OUT" error, it's important to consider that the issue may be caused by server congestion. Even though it can be frustrating, don't lose hope as there are ways to resolve this problem. By following the solutions provided in this guide and being patient, you can increase your chances of fixing the error and getting back to your ARK: Survival Ascended adventure.

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