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Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

In the tumultuous world of Exoprimal, players are relentlessly pitted against swarms of relentless dinosaurs, creating a setting where survival is not just a goal, but an absolute necessity. Against this backdrop of chaos, humanity has devised an ingenious line of defense – the Exosuits. Each of these formidable Exosuits comes equipped with unique abilities and skills in Exoprimal, creating an expansive matrix of possibilities and tactics for the players. Among these suits, the Assault class holds a special place in our discussion today, standing at the forefront of the battle as the harbinger of humanity's defiance.

Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

In this intriguingly ruthless environment, the Exosuits are not merely survival tools. They are indeed the embodiment of human ingenuity and resilience, reflecting the tenacity of players who strive to achieve their objectives while adapting to their playing style. Each Exosuit comes with its own weapon system and HP count, enabling them to meet the relentless threats head-on. The versatility extends to roles such as Assault, Tank, or Support, providing players with the autonomy to approach the game in their unique way.

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Exoprimal players are not only engaged in an epic battle for survival, but they also participate in a strategic play that requires careful selection and mastery of the Exosuits. In Exoprimal, these exosuits, the veritable exoskeletons of survival, are endowed with three pivotal abilities and an exceptional ultimate one, each meticulously crafted to harmonize with their unique traits. The freedom to switch between these suits during battles further enhances the gameplay, offering an exciting, dynamic gaming experience that stays true to its core - survival isn't just about exterminating dinosaurs; it's about intelligently harnessing the power of your Exosuit.

All Exoprimal Assault Exosuits

In Exoprimal, Assault exosuits serve a critical function with their distinctive abilities. They form the vanguard of any team, providing offensive firepower in the form of close, medium, or long-range attacks. Let's delve into the specific suits within this class and understand their capabilities.

Deadeye: The Versatile Marksman

Deadeye - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

Deadeye is a well-rounded exosuit that stands out in medium and long-range engagements. Equipped with a low-recoil assault rifle with guided sights, it is an ideal choice for those who value precision. Its health pool is a considerable 500 points.

Deadeye's abilities range from basic to active skills. For instance, it can Aim for increased accuracy. Its active skills include Ravager, a full-auto assault rifle, and Rifle Grenade, which launches an explosive round. The Dive Dodge provides mobility, allowing the Deadeye to evade incoming attacks. A melee skill, Thrust Attack, is handy for knocking back enemies. Lastly, Cluster Salvo can deploy multiple heavy weapons for a devastating barrage when fully charged.

Its rig, Cannon, is a powerful shoulder-mounted laser, which adds another dimension to its offensive capabilities.

Zephyr: The Agile Brawler

Zephyr - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

Zephyr is an exosuit for those who like to be in the thick of battle. With its energized tonfas as the primary weapon and a health pool of 350, Zephyr excels in melee combat.

Zephyr is equipped with the Double Jump basic skill, which provides exceptional mobility. Among its active skills, Tonfa Blitz is a melee combo that releases energy waves. Linear Strike allows Zephyr to tackle enemies forward, dealing additional damage if they collide with walls or other enemies. The Turbine Step offers quick evasion, while Sky High sends foes flying into the air. Lastly, Limiter Override, when fully charged, reduces cooldown times and heals Zephyr.

The Aid rig adds a healing element to Zephyr's kit, providing a repair field when fired.

Barrage: The Firestarter

Barrage - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

The aptly named Barrage is a grenade-slinging powerhouse, using its incendiary grenade launcher to rain chaos on enemies. Like Deadeye, Barrage also boasts a health pool of 500.

Barrage's active skills revolve around various grenade types. Skipbomber fires a bouncing, incendiary grenade, while Triple Threat launches land mines that ignite upon detonation. The Flip Dodge uses an explosive blast for evasion, and the Stun Grenade is handy for crowd control. Barrage's ultimate ability, Burning Heart, turns the exosuit into a flying missile that deals massive damage upon detonation.

Barrage's rig, Catapult, performs a boost jump, adding a mobility option to this exosuit.

Vigilant: The Sniper Specialist

Vigilant - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

With a sniper rifle as its primary weapon and a health pool of 350, Vigilant is an exosuit designed for long-range combat.

Vigilant's basic skill, Railgun Charge, allows for increased projectile power when looking down its scope. Its active skills include Subsonic Burst, a 3-round burst shot from the sniper rifle. The Vault skill uses the rifle's recoil for a high jump, while Frost Lock fires an icy cluster to freeze foes. Stinger Shot releases a powerful railgun shot that pierces enemies, and Barrel Breaker converts all accumulated energy into high-output sniper rifle shots without charging.

Similar to Barrage, Vigilant also equips the Catapult rig for a boost jump, providing much-needed mobility for positioning.

All Exoprimal Tank Exosuits

In the battleground of Exoprimal, the Tank class plays a significant role in frontline defense and team survival. They are designed with higher health pools and impressive abilities that help to shield other members of the team, control enemy movements, and dish out significant damage when necessary. Here, we will delve into the abilities and functionalities of three remarkable Tank exosuits in Exoprimal: Roadblock, Krieger, and Murasame.

Roadblock: The Unmoving Fortress

Roadblock - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

Roadblock, a heavyweight exosuit, is known for its supreme durability. Designed to absorb vast amounts of damage, Roadblock's primary weapon includes a giant shield and melee attacks. It comes with 1000 health points, the highest amongst the three mentioned tanks.

The Roadblock's basic skill, Ballistic Wall, enables the player to deploy an energy shield that defends against attacks. Furthermore, it also allows the player to scout the surroundings safely.

Roadblock's list of active skills includes Haymaker, where it can unleash a punch from an enlarged armored fist, and Shield Blast, a forward shield thrust that sends enemies flying. Skid Dodge allows Roadblock to evade attacks swiftly, and Taunt is a tactical move to draw the focus of enemies towards it. Additionally, the Storm Drive creates a tornado, drawing in enemies using shield's thrusters and spinning rapidly.

The exosuit rig consists of a deployable Shield, adding an additional layer of defense against enemy attacks.

Krieger: The Indomitable Juggernaut

Krieger - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

Krieger, another heavy tank exosuit, is renowned for its formidable suppressive firepower. Equipped with a primary mini-gun, Krieger's impressive arsenal can stop enemies in their tracks, boasting 900 health points.

Hover is Krieger's basic skill, which allows for a short period of upward movement post-jump. The Krieger's active skills include K-40 Repulsor Minigun that suppresses enemies with an overwhelming barrage firepower and Stunlock Missile that paralyzes enemies upon impact. Thruster Dash provides an evasive boost, and Dome Shield deploys a protective shield that repels smaller foes and stuns larger ones. Krieger also has Todesregen, which uses a laser to mark a target then launches explosives to bombard the area.

For Krieger, the rig (Cannon) is a powerful shoulder-mounted laser, providing heavy firepower to this exosuit.

Murasame: The Agile Warrior

Murasame - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

Unlike its counterparts, Murasame is equipped with a massive blade, which it uses effectively to block and counter enemy attacks. This exosuit's primary weapon is a giant katana, and it comes with 700 health points.

Murasame's basic skill is Rasetsu Stance, a passive ability that temporarily boosts attack strength after taking a set amount of damage. The list of active skills includes Kiri-Ichimonji that unleashes a slash combo with the massive blade, Crescent Moon that draws the attention of dinosaurs, and Strafe Hook that enables rapid movement towards a latched target. Vajra Counter allows Murasame to guard against attacks and counter with gathered energy, while Meikyo Shisui charges the blade for a cleaving strike.

For Murasame, the exosuit rig is the Aid, which fires an energy projectile that creates a small repair field, providing healing and support functionality to this tank class.

All Exoprimal Support Exosuits

In the dynamic and adrenaline-fueled battlefield of Exoprimal, the Support class indisputably holds a place of paramount importance. These are the unseen heroes, the lifelines in the background who enable the team to hold their ground and push back against formidable enemies. In this segment, we will be exploring the fascinating and varied abilities of the Support Exosuits in Exoprimal: Witchdoctor, Skywave, and Nimbus.

Witchdoctor: The Life-Giving Maestro

Witchdoctor  - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

Undeniably, the Witchdoctor shines as a support exosuit that harmonizes beautifully with its allies. Emphasizing repairing and buffing teammates, this exosuit arms itself with a magic rod and boasts a health pool of 400.

The Witchdoctor’s basic skill is Glide; by pressing [Space] in mid-air, players can elegantly glide across the battlefield. This mobility offers strategic positioning benefits that are pivotal in heated combat situations.

Diving into the Witchdoctor's active skills, the Neuro Rod uses an electric current from your staff to damage enemies continuously and can paralyze dinosaurs. The Feed skill, on the other hand, heals allies and enhances their movement speed. Furthermore, it can also drain energy from enemies to fully charge the Neuro Rod and limit their movement. Rescue Leap enables swift forward movements and tactical repositioning. Repair Field creates an aura of health regeneration, mending all allies within it. Lastly, Vital Aura releases a massive amount of condensed Hi-Xol that fully restores all allied health and significantly boosts defense, while also restricting nearby enemies' movement.

In addition, Witchdoctor’s exosuit rig is the Blade, an electromagnetic shuriken that paralyzes enemies upon contact.

Skywave: The Soaring Healer

Skywave - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

In the captivating universe of Exoprimal, Skywave stands out among exosuits with its abilities, serving as an airborne bulwark. Its abilities primarily disrupt enemies while providing protection to allies. Similar to Witchdoctor, Skywave is equipped with a Magic Rod as its primary weapon and has a health pool of 400.

Skywave's basic skill, Air Supremacy, allows you to float mid-air, dramatically slowing your descent, offering a valuable aerial advantage. Moreover, it possesses the Auto-Repair passive ability that gradually regenerates health when not taking damage.

The range of active skills includes Aether Lance, which fires light projectiles that heal allies and injure enemies on impact. Optics Jammer launches a shockwave that blinds foes and heals allies. Slipstream allows you to quickly ascend into the air, shifting to Air Supremacy post-activation. The Graviton Cage skill creates a gravity cluster that attracts nearby enemies, hindering their mobility. Lastly, De-Synchronize generates a gravity well that warps and slows spacetime, halting enemy movements briefly.

The Skywave's rig is Aid, which fires an energy projectile that forms a small repair field, contributing further to its role as a support unit.

Nimbus: The Tactical Altruist

Nimbus - Exoprimal - All Exosuits, Abilities, and Skills

Last but definitely not least, the Nimbus is a damage-friendly Exosuit that balances offensive and defensive capabilities. With a health pool of 400 and a pair of pistols as its primary weapon, it provides a unique, flexible approach to the support role.

The Nimbus also benefits from the Auto-Repair passive ability, which allows for gradual health regeneration when out of combat. Its active skills showcase versatility, starting with Mars & Apollo, which shoot projectiles that either damage enemies or heal allies, depending on the current weapon mode. The Mode Switch allows for the seamless toggling of these modes. Holo Warp projects a moving hologram that recalls allies and allows the player to warp to its location, healing nearby allies. Spreadshot brings forth a flurry of firepower from summoned weapons. Lastly, Antipode Burst generates a shockwave of condensed energy that heals allies and repels enemies.

Rounding out the Nimbus is its exosuit rig, the Drill Fist, a powerful drill attack that can be charged up before unleashing.

A Final Word

The world of Exoprimal presents an array of Exosuits, each bestowing upon their pilots distinct abilities and, consequently, unique combat experiences. Your choice of Exosuit, entwined with the game mode you're engaging in, will undoubtedly craft diverse battle scenarios, each more thrilling than the last. It's worth bearing in mind, however, that not all Exosuits are immediately accessible. The formidable Vigilant, the sleek Murasame, and the swift Nimbus, for instance, remain beyond reach until you hit certain levels or opt for the Head Start Kit. As you plunge headfirst into the dinosaur-infested combat arenas, remember: understanding the abilities of each suit is a vital strategy, one that could spell the difference between victory and defeat in these high-stakes wargames. Navigate the battlegrounds with cunning and flexibility, leveraging the potential of your chosen Exosuit to the fullest, and you might just come out on top in this primal dance of survival.