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F1 22 - Best Graphics Settings in VR (Fix Stuttering and Crash)

Here are the best graphics settings to improve visual clarity and performance in F1 22 VR on PC. These settings also help to fix or reduce some issues that severely affect the VR experience in F1 2022, like stuttering, jittering, freezing, and crashing.

The virtual reality of F1 22 is quite immersive and challenging. However, certain issues and bugs may occur when playing this game in VR. These issues include frame rate drops , stuttering, freezing, crashing, and other glitches. But no worries! This guide will help you to solve performance problems easily.

F1 22 - Best Graphics Settings in VR

If you are new to VR gaming or recently started playing F1 22 in VR on PC, you'll want to get these settings immediately. Also, if you are running into technical issues, then these settings will help correct them and prevent problems in the future.

First, Oculus VR users should make a few tweaks to the Oculus Debug Tool. Follow these steps:

  • Run the Oculus Debug Tool
  • Set the "(PC) Asynchronous SpaceWarp" option to Disabled.
  • Set the "Mobile ASW" option to Disabled.

Then let's launch the game and check the VR settings before configuring the graphics settings.

  • Go to Home > Game Options > Settings > VR
  • Set OSD Distance to 50
  • Turn Off the "OSD Fixed Mode", "Override SteamVR scaling values", "Bloom & God Rays", "Motion Blur", "Stencil Mesh" options.
  • Turn On the "Enable Broadcast Pit Stops"

Now let's adjust the graphics settings.

  • Go to Home > Game Options > Settings > Graphics Settings
  • Set the options under the Advanced Setup section as follows:

Lighting Quality: High
Post Process: Medium
Shadows: Low
Particles: High
Crowd: High
Mirrors: High
Car and Helmet Reflections: Medium
Weather Effects: Medium
Ground Cover: Medium
Skidmarks: Low
Skidmarks Blending: On
Ambient Occlusion: Off
Screen Space Reflections: Off
Asynchronous Compute: Off
Texture Streaming: High

  • Then go to the Video Mode menu.
  • Set Resolution to 1024 x 768
  • For better performance, Windowed display mode should be used.
  • Set Anisotropic Filtering to 8x
  • Among the Anti-Aliasing options, "TAA and FidelityFX Sharpening" is the best choice for visual clarity.
  • Turn off the Dynamic Resolution

Note: I wouldn't recommend playing F1 22 on Ultra graphics, even if you have a powerful GPU like NVIDIA RTX 3090. Ultra graphics cause performance issues in the game, and the game crashes to the desktop.

That's all. I hope these optimization tips will make your experience smoother than ever and improve it a lot overall.


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