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Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose - Basic Tips For Beginners

HLL guide

I made a simple game guide that won't confuse you. I think this guide is enough for beginners in Hell Let Loose.

Here we go!

  • You can choose any squad for now. Communication is important. If you want to win, you should communicate well with your squad.
  • You have to choose a class after you choose a squad. I suggest you choose a class which your squad needs.
  • You currently need to pick a spawn point on map. Make sure you pick a place close to your team. Select a location and click the deploy button.
  • Stay close to your team and be careful not to shoot your friends.
  • You need to move with your squad. If you stay away from your team, you become an easy target.
  • If you are a medic, you should stand behind your teammates. Not too close! When they get hurt, you need to run to revive carefully.
  • If you are under fire, you can use smoke grenades to block vision of your enemies. By the way, the officer and the medic have access to smoke grenades.
  • The officer is the leader of the squad. So, a new player shouldn't be an officer.
  • The task of the support class is to bring supplies to teammates. Ask your teammates if they need you.
  • The rifleman carries a small ammo box. This allows your team to resupply their weapon ammo. Especially, the Machine Gunners will need you a lot.
  • The crewman can driving a tank or shooting in a tank. Sometimes, you could end up having to both drive and gun. So, you should being experienced in both.
  • Tanks take the most damage from behind. Therefore if you are a Anti-Tank, always try to hit the back of tanks.
  • Engineer's first job is repairing the tanks. To repair the tank, approach it with your wrench equipped and follow the on-screen prompts. By the way, you should build repair stations for your teams tanks. Also, the Engineer is equipped to lay traps for the enemy. Engineers can lay down Anti-personnel mines and anti-tank mines in strategical points. In this way, engineers can easily get kill.
  • The Spotter's tool is a binocular. Your mission is locate your enemies by using binoculars.
  • If you are a sniper, when using your scope hold the shift key so your aim will steady, allowing for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Sometimes when you get damaged, you start bleeding. If you don't want to die, use bandages. You can use the bandage by holding the F key.
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