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The Division 2 Dark Zone Tips for Beginners

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I would like to share with you important informations about the Dark Zone.

How to Access the Dark Zone

You may not know how to get into the Dark Zone in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

First of all, you need to upgrade The Theater to the third level. Then, you will get the the mission to unlock the Dark Zone.

Remember, you must be level 10 to do this mission.

There are three dark zones in The Division 2. Dark Zone East is the first dz you will access. In this area there are players from levels 10-19.

dark zone map

Everyone is here for one purpose. Loot! Others are gonna work you over for the loot.

If you are a solo player, you must not trust anyone in the Dark Zone. It is a Pvp area. They are your enemy!

You got something in the Dark Zone but you can lose permanently something that could be your next favorite gun.

Best Weapon for Dark Zone East

Probably, you should choose the sniper in the Dark Zone East. The reason is that, Dark Zone East made out of city area with long sight-lines and open areas.


If you go into the dark zones solo it tries to group you with other solo players. As well, if you go in with a group it tries to matchmake you with other groups.

The Division 2 Dark Zone Level and Perks

You must continue killing to level up, as is normally. Especially, killing rogue agents gives you a lot of experience.

You will unlock a new tier of perks every 5 levels.

Tier 1 Perks: Dark Zone Level 01

Bag Space: Grants 1 additional contaminated item inventory slot.

Tier 2 Perks: Dark Zone Level 05

Terminator: 25% increased Dark Zone XP for eliminating other players.

Sight Seeing: 25% increased Dark Zone XP for clearing landmarks.

Breakin' the Law: 25% increased Dark Zone XP for surviving a rogue timer.

Tier 3 Perks: Dark Zone Level 10

Daily Winner: Daily reward(s) from the DZ Safe House.

Tier 4 Perks: Dark Zone Level 15

Sleight of Hand: 10% reduction in time to complete rogue actions.

Bounceback: Rogue cooldown reduced by 10%.

Tier 5 Perks: Dark Zone Level 20

Keeper: 50% chance to automatically secure 1 dropped contaminated item on death.

Tier 6 Perks: Dark Zone Level 25

Keymaster: 25% chance to acquire DZ keys from loot crates in a Dark Zone.

Explosions: 25% chance to acquire grenades from loot crates in a Dark Zone.

Medic: 25% chance to acquire armor kits from loot crates in a Dark Zone.

Tier 7 Perks: Dark Zone Level 30

Vanish: Nameplate visibility to other agents is reduced while rogue.

X-Ray Eyes: Rogue nameplate detection range increased.

Tier 8 Perks: Dark Zone Level 35

More Loot: Additional rewards for completing DZ alerts and clearing landmarks.

Tier 9 Perks: Dark Zone Level 40

Double Daily Winner: Additional daily rewards from the DZ Safe House.

No Honor: Daily rewards available in the Thieves’ Den.

Tier 10 Perks: Dark Zone Level 45

Keep It Clean: 10% increased chance for contaminated item to drop.

Tier 11 Perks: Dark Zone Level 50

Get to the Chopper: 25% faster extraction arrival time.

Can’t Catch Me: 25% faster manhunt bounty clearing.

On Your Feet, Soldier: 25% faster revive of other SHD agents while SHD.

Dark Deeds: 25% increased Thieves’ Den Triangulation added from rogue actions.

Dark Zone Item Extraction

Dark Zone loots are contaminated and must be extracted to be used.

You have to call the helicopter extraction to keep the loot.

Meanwhile, you must protect your loot from other players and AI.

When the helicopter arrive, you'll need tie the loot to rope. Now, the loots are really yours.

By the way, your all stashes are interconnected in the Dark Zone.