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Fix: Gray Zone Warfare Easy Anti-Cheat Failed to Start

Are you encountering the "Easy Anti-Cheat Failed to Start" error while trying to launch Gray Zone Warfare? This guide will walk you through several solutions to help you resolve this issue and get back into the game seamlessly.

Fix Gray Zone Warfare Easy Anti-Cheat Failed to Start

Solution 1: Adjust Afterburner and Disable NVIDIA Overlay

Some users have reported success by stopping MSI Afterburner, RTSS, or disabling NVIDIA Overlay.

Both actions can potentially resolve conflicts that may prevent Easy Anti-Cheat from starting properly.

Additionally, ensure that background applications are disabled to avoid any interference with the game's launch process.

Solution 2: Run Easy Anti-Cheat Setup

Navigate to the game's installation directory, typically located at steamapps\common\Gray Zone Warfare\EasyAntiCheat. Run EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup.exe and then launch the game through Steam.

This step can help ensure that Easy Anti-Cheat is properly configured and functioning.

Solution 3: Delete EasyAntiCheat Folder and Verify Game Files

In some cases, deleting the EasyAntiCheat folder from the game's installation directory can resolve the issue. Afterward, let Steam check the game for errors by verifying its files. This process can restore any missing or damaged components necessary for Easy Anti-Cheat to function correctly.

  1. Navigate to the folder where Gray Zone Warfare is installed. This is typically located at steamapps\common\Gray Zone Warfare.
  2. Locate the EasyAntiCheat folder within the game's directory.
  3. Delete the EasyAntiCheat folder to remove any potentially corrupted or conflicting files.
  4. Open Steam and go to your game library.
  5. Right-click on Gray Zone Warfare and select "Properties"
  6. In the Properties window, navigate to the "Installed Files" tab.
  7. Click on "Verify Integrity of Game Files". Steam will then check for any missing or damaged files and download them as needed.
  8. After verifying the game files, attempt to launch Gray Zone Warfare again.
  9. If prompted, allow Easy Anti-Cheat to run and complete its setup process.
  10. Monitor the game's launch to ensure that the "Easy Anti-Cheat Failed to Start" issue in Gray Zone Warfare has been resolved.

Solution 4: Registry Cleanup (Advanced Users)

Warning: This solution involves modifying the Windows registry, which can be risky if done incorrectly. Proceed with caution and consider seeking assistance if you're unfamiliar with registry editing.

  • Delete the EasyAntiCheat_EOS folder from C:\Program Files (x86).
  • Open the registry editor (regedit) by searching for it in the Windows search bar.
  • Right-click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and select Find.
  • Search for the keyword EasyAntiCheat_EOS and delete all entries or folders related to it that are found.
  • Restart your PC after making these changes.

Solution 5: Restart Steam and Launch Game

Sometimes, simply closing Steam completely and then relaunching the game can resolve Easy Anti-Cheat startup issues. Ensure that all Steam processes are terminated before restarting the game.

Solution 6: Restart Your PC

A straightforward solution but often effective, restarting your computer can clear temporary glitches and refresh system processes, potentially resolving the Easy Anti-Cheat startup problem.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve the Easy Anti-Cheat Failed to Start error in Gray Zone Warfare.