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Top Apple TV Games in 2023

When you think about playing video games, you might have a few devices that come to your mind. You might think about a laptop or a computer. Or, you might think about all the gadgets that are available today on the market. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox. while some people might have already found their favourite gaming device, others might still be looking for it. But one thing that is common is that most people miss one device that they all have and they could play games on.

Top Apple TV Games in 2023

And this is Apple TV. What is Apple TV? Most people use it for streaming television and this is the main reason they buy it. However, through the Apple Store, you have access to hundreds of video games you can play. How to play games on Apple TV? You can download them quickly and relax while playing them in the comfort of your own home. You can also get access to Apple Arcade to remove ads. Also, you will find some games that are Arcade and exclusive to it. But what are the top Apple TV games in 2023?

Zen Pinball Party

Looking for the best games for Apple TV? Then you should definitely check out the Zen Pinball Party. If you are looking for an Arcade game, then this should be on your list. It is one of the best games on Apple TV with a controller that will transport you back in time to the pinball places. The high-quality graphics, the recreation of pinball sounds, and the physics simply enrich your experience. And they make you feel like you have the pinball games in your living room.

Zen Pinball Party is a game you can play with your friends and family, as they can pass the controller and compete to get the highest score. Having a controller is essential as it helps you navigate and play content. If Apple TV is not responding to remote commands, you can regain power over your TV and pair apple tv remote. And this will make playing Zen Pinball Party even more enjoyable, as you will not experience any interruptions. There are over 20 tables you can choose from and you will find many themes, such as the “Star Wars” one. And you can even take part in events and tournaments, which will make this game fascinating and more competitive.

Cat Quest II

Some of the best games are role-playing games. You might have heard about Cat Quest II, one of the cutest RPG games you can find out there. The main characters are a dog king and a cat king that are trying to reclaim their thrones. If you have controllers, you can play with a friend.

But if you want to play it alone, AI will control the other character, while you play with your chosen one. The graphics and gameplay are cute and fun and you will surely enjoy it. Besides the main quest, you have many side quests that will make this one of the most enjoyable video games you will play on Apple TV.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3

If you have heard about Jackbox Games and you have played them before, you already know what they are about. If not, you have to get this party pack and play it with your friends on Apple TV. It is one of the most engaging, fun, and enjoyable party packs that is out there.

You have a few games to choose from and you can play them up to eight players, which would make an evening with friends incredibly fun. You can choose from trivia, words, or drawing games. There are nine Jackbox Party Packs that have been launched. So, if you enjoyed one of the games in other party packs, you can purchase it independently. However, Party Pack 3 has some of the most loved games, such as Quiplash 2 or Trivia Murder Party.

Final Thoughts

Many people think about specific devices when they think about playing video games. For example, some of them see this as playing only on a laptop or computer. Others think about Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox.

However, Apple TV is a device you can use for playing games too, not only for streaming your favourite tv series and movies. You can download games from the Apple Store or Apple Arcade and enjoy them with your friends and family.