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How to catch, tame, and ride horses in Myth of Empires

This guide will show you how to catch a wild horse and tame it in Myth of Empires. To catch a horse, it will be enough following the steps below.

How to catch horse

1- First, press the P key to go to "Crafting Recipes" page, then go to "Subdue soldiers". Learn the "Tamed Horse".

Tamed Horse

2- Open your inventory. Under the "Crafting Queue" section, right-click on Coarse Rein and craft it. It's a good idea to craft two coarse reins, just in case. You can also craft "Coarse Dry Fodder" to bait the horse. It's useful for catching horses.

craft coarse rein

3- Put the coarse rein in one of the empty slots in the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen. Close the inventory and press that hotkey to put the coarse rein in your hand.

coarse rein shortcut

4- Make sure you take off your armor to run faster. The key to catching a wild horse is stealth. You must crouch down, approach the horse slowly and from behind.

myth of empires horse

5- When you get close enough to the wild horse, the "(E) Mounted" option will appear. Press the E key while next to it to mount the horse. If the horse spots you when you get too close, get up and run towards it. You may have a chance to catch it.

Myth of Empires catching horse

Note: If you have crafted a "Coarse Dry Fodder" you can throw it in front of the horse to bait it. It will be easier for you to catch the horse when it tilts its head to eat the dry fodder.

How to tame horse

1- There are a few things you need to pay attention to during the taming phase. If the rage bar fills up, the horse will try to knock you over. You should not press any keys for the rage bar to fill slowly. If you try to steer the horse, the rage bar will fill up quickly.

2- When the rage bar is full, the mini-game will start and you will have to repeatedly click the right or left mouse button. It will tell you which key to press. If you fail, the horse will throw you off and you will wait for him to calm down. When the horse is angry, you can't increase its affection. You have to wait until the horse calms down before training it again.

repeatedly click mouse button

3- Once the horse has calmed down, you will follow the steps again. The wild horse will be tamed when the "Taming Points" bar is full.

How to tame horses in Myth of Empires

Easy way to tame a horse in MoE

Now I'm going to show you my horse taming strategy. While in the training phase, I put the horse in a room with a high door that I made for him.

Easy way to tame horse

When the horse threw me off, I immediately left the room and closed the door. I waited until the horse calmed down, about two minutes.

Then I got on the horse again and completed the training phase. This strategy may be unnecessary for taming low-level wild horses. But with this method, I tamed a level 34 horse when I was level 22. High-level horses take much longer to tame.

How to ride a tamed horse

1- Press the P key, go to "Subdue soldiers". Then learn the "Basic Saddle".

2- Open your inventory and craft a Coarse Light Saddle in the Crafting Queue section.

3- Go right next to your horse and press E to open your horse's inventory.

4- Drag and place the "Coarse Light Saddle" on the horse's item bar on the right side of the screen.

5- To mount the horse, approach it and press E. You can now ride your horse.

Don't forget to leave some grass in your horse's inventory so that the horse doesn't starve. I have experienced this painfully.

I hope these tips are helpful for you on how to catch, tame, and ride horses in Myth of Empires.