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Path of Exile: Useful Websites and Tools for New Players

Path of Exile is a complex and deep action RPG with countless mechanics, items, and builds. As a new player, it can be overwhelming to navigate this vast world.

In this guide, we will introduce you to some essential websites and tools that can help you in your journey through Wraeclast. We have organized these resources into several categories for easy navigation.

Path of Exile Useful Websites and Tools

Build Planning and Guides

A variety of websites and tools are available to discover the most recent PoE builds.

1. Official Classes and Builds

Firstly, you can find the official classes and builds section on the Path of Exile forum. This is an excellent starting point to discover different playstyles and builds.

2. Build of Exile

Build of Exile is a build tracker that allows you to browse and save builds from other players.

3. Path of Building

For more advanced build planning, Path of Building is a powerful tool that lets you plan out skill trees, experiment with gear, and much more.

4. Reddit Path of Exile Builds

In addition to the official forums, the r/PathOfExileBuilds subreddit is a great place to discuss and share builds with fellow players.

5. Poe Planner and PoeBuilds

Poe Planner and PoeBuilds are two other websites to explore popular and unique builds.

6. YouTube Channels and Streamers

Another valuable resources for build planning and guides are YouTube channels and Twitch streamers.

Many experienced players create content showcasing their builds, offering step-by-step guides, and sharing tips and tricks to help you improve your gameplay. Some popular Path of Exile content creators include:

  • Mathil: Mathil offers a wide range of build guides and gameplay videos, often focusing on unique and off-meta builds.
  • Zizaran: Zizaran is a well-known Twitch streamer and YouTuber who provides informative content on various builds, mechanics, and strategies for both new and experienced players.
  • RaizQT: RaizQT is a veteran Path of Exile player who streams regularly on Twitch and shares build guides and gameplay tips on his YouTube channel.
  • Big Ducks: Big Ducks is a Path of Exile content creator who shares comprehensive build guides, league starter recommendations, and gameplay tips on his YouTube channel. His clear explanations and in-depth analysis make his content suitable for players at all stages of their Path of Exile journey.

By following these content creators and others, you can gain insights into the game's mechanics, learn about powerful builds, and improve your overall Path of Exile experience.


Another excellent source of PoE build recommendations is the community itself. The following Reddit post compiles a list of streamer starter builds specifically tailored for the Crucible League: Compiled List of Streamer Starter Builds for Crucible League

This compilation offers a variety of builds that cater to different playstyles and preferences, providing an excellent starting point for new and returning players alike.


Trading is an essential part of Path of Exile, especially in non-SSF leagues. Here are some tools to make trading easier and more efficient.

1. Official Trading Site

The Official Trading Site is the best place to search for items listed for sale by other players.

2. PoE TradeMacro and Awakened PoE Trade

PoE TradeMacro and Awakened PoE Trade are out-of-game tools that can help you check item prices and stats quickly.

3. Better Trading Extension

The Better Trading Extension for Google Chrome enhances the trading interface and saves trade searches.

4. Mercury Trade

Mercury Trade is a handy tool that automates trade responses and notifications.

5. PoeMap Trade

PoeMap Trade is useful for swapping maps with other players to complete your atlas.

Additional Useful PoE Websites and Tools

Apart from build planning and trading, there are many other websites and tools that can enhance your Path of Exile experience.

1. Path of Exile Wiki

The Path of Exile Wiki is your one-stop-shop for all game-related information, including equipment, crafting, mechanics, and more.

2. Map Regex

Map Regex is a valuable resource when rolling maps, allowing you to search for or avoid specific map modifiers.

3. PoE Lab

PoE Lab provides daily labyrinth layouts, which can save you time and frustration when attempting trials.

4. Filter Blade

Customizing your loot filter is essential for efficient gameplay. Filter Blade is a website that lets you create and customize your own item filters, as well as providing pre-made filters like Neversink's.

5. Craft of Exile

Optimize your crafting strategies with Craft of Exile, an online tool that calculates the most cost-effective ways to achieve your crafting goals.

6. Vorici Chromatic Calculator

The Vorici Chromatic Calculator helps you find the cheapest method for obtaining the right socket colors on your items.

7. Chaos Recipe Enhancer

Simplify your chaos recipe process with the Chaos Recipe Enhancer, an app that fetches your stash data and shows which items you need to complete chaos, regal, or exalted shard recipes.

8. PoE Ninja

For easy price checking and build inspiration, visit PoE Ninja, a website that allows you to quickly check item prices and explore top builds.

9. PoEdb

PoEdb is another comprehensive source of Path of Exile information, ranging from item mods to game mechanics.

10. Path of Exile Item Affixes

Lastly, check out PoE Affix to understand item affixes better and learn which combinations are possible on various items.

In Conclusion

Path of Exile is a game with immense depth, and having the right tools and resources at your disposal can significantly enhance your experience. These websites and tools will help you plan builds, trade efficiently, and optimize your gameplay, making your journey through Wraeclast more enjoyable and rewarding.

As a final note, you might find our Path of Exile FPS Boost Guide particularly useful to further improve your gameplay experience and performance.