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Cannot enable RTX (Ray Tracing) in Icarus - How to fix

If you cannot enable RTX (Ray Tracing) in Icarus, you can fix the problem by following the steps in this guide.

Cannot enable RTX

Method #1

This issue occurs because you are running the game in DirectX 11 instead of DirectX 12. Follow these steps:

  • Instead of running Icarus using the desktop shortcut, you should run the game by selecting Icarus in your Steam library and hitting the Play button.
  • After pressing the Play button, you will see a small window. In the window that opens, select "Play Icarus (DX12 RTX 2070 or better)" and press the Play button.
Icarus in directX 12
  • Then go to Settings > Display > Ray Tracing
  • You can now enable the RTX.
Icarus Ray Tracing

Method #2

As a second option, to run Icarus in DirectX 12, you can add the code “-dx12” to the launch options on Steam.

  • Go to library and right-click on Icarus
  • Navigate to Properties > General > Launch Options
  • Type -dx12 into the box.
Icarus dx12

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  • I always run my games off desktop so you really saved me hours of figuring out what’s wrong thank you so much