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How to increase FPS & performance in Icarus

Improve performance and fps in Icarus - The highly anticipated session-based PvE survival game Icarus has finally been released. But there is a problem! The vast majority of Icarus players complain that the optimization is bad.

Don't worry, there are some tricks to increase the performance in Icarus. In this article, I will share some tweaks for you to fix performance issues like low fps , fps drop, stuttering, memory leak, lag, etc.

How to increase FPS & performance in Icarus

1. Graphics drivers

If your GPU drivers are corrupted or outdated, you might encounter performance issues in Icarus.

You can download the latest graphics drivers for your PC from the official websites:

Before installing the new driver, you can remove all the files of the GPU driver with DDU.

2. Best graphics settings for performance

There is a weird thing in the game's settings. Normally, when we increase the FOV in PC games, the performance decreases. But in Icarus, it's the opposite.

When you set the FOV to 90 or 100, you will notice that the FPS increases. Just try it!

  • Go to Settings > General
  • Set the "Field of View" to 90 or 100

However, you can increase the performance in Icarus by adjusting the graphics settings as follows. You can increase/decrease some settings depending on your rig.

Go to Settings > Display

Minimum SystemPerformanceQuality-Performance
Display ModeFullscreenFullscreenFullscreen
Frame Limit60140140
Motion Blur000
View DistanceLowHighEpic
Post ProcessingLowMediumHigh
ShadowsLowLowMedium or High
Max Shadow Cascades122
TexturesLowMedium or HighMedium or High
Texture Streaming Poolsize200030004500
Use Simple Building ShadowsOnOnOff
Disable Lightning EffectsOnOnOff
Volumetric CloudsOffOffOff
Disable Player light ShadowsOnOnOff
DLSS ModePerformance or BalancedQuality
DLSS Sharpness00
FSR Mode
RTX EnabledOffOff
Global IlluminationOffOff

For those who barely play Icarus: You can also increase performance in Icarus by lowering the "Resolution Scale" in the settings. Keep in mind, to do that you have to turn off AMD FidelityFX SuperResolution (FSR) and NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).

Do not forget to press the Apply button after setting the Display Mode to Fullscreen. Restart the game when you complete the settings.

3. DirectX

Changing DirectX can improve game performance and even fix crashing issues in Icarus.

Try running the game with Dx11 instead of DirectX 12. Or if you played Icarus in DirectX 11, just try Dx12. Test the game a bit to see if it works.

DirectX in Icarus

Note: You cannot access the DirectX options using the desktop shortcut. Launch the game by pressing the Play button in your Steam library.

4. Memory leak fix

After spending about an hour in Icarus, FPS may drop and stuttering may occur due to memory leak problems.

You may need to restart the game or even restart your computer to fix the memory leak. Or you can get rid of this problem by using a simple program.

"Intelligent standby list cleaner" released by Wagnardsoft will monitor and clear the memory standby list. It is a free program. Here I explained step by step how to set the application.

5. SSD

Icarus has a huge map. That's why you need SSD for fast rendering of textures. You will have more performance issues with HDD.

6. Background applications

Closing the applications running in the background while playing Icarus will improve performance. I recommend you close applications such as Google Chrome, Spotify to reduce RAM and CPU usage.

Check out my PC performance-boosting guide for more tips.


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  • I got 4k monitor and GTX 1080. I want play this game in 4k with 50% resolution scale. But resolution scale have no effect in game 🙁 This setting dont work.
    I hope fix will come soon.

    • 4K with a GTX 1080 😂
      ..even a RTX 3090 can't handle 4K/60PFS max. details in actual games without DLSS.
      2K monitors are the best for PC Gaming.
      And DLSS-lite (Image Scaling) is crap.. look at the compare-picture on the nvidia site.