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How to Fix EA SPORTS FC 24 Controller Not Working Issue

When delving into the immersive world of EA SPORTS FC 24, nothing breaks the flow like a controller not being detected or not working. A plethora of gamers have faced this conundrum. However, fear not, for we've got a comprehensive guide to help you combat this issue. So, if you've found yourself shouting, "Why is my gamepad not working?", you've come to the right place. Let's plunge into the solutions.

How to Fix EA SPORTS FC 24 Controller Not Working Issue

Method #1 - Using DS4Windows

Setting up DS4Windows:

Step 1: Before you can harness the power of DS4Windows, there are some preparatory steps to follow. Definitely, the first move is ensuring all related applications are closed. This includes EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Launcher.

Step 2: With the aforementioned closed, .NET 6.0 Runtime (x64) is an essential piece of the puzzle. Downloading and installing it from its official site ensures compatibility.

Step 3: Now, here comes DS4Windows! Head over to the official DS4Windows site and download the software. Once you've got it on your system, unzip the file and run DS4Windows.exe. In the forthcoming window, opt for the Program Folder option. Your journey has just begun!

Step 4: If this is your maiden run of DS4Windows, you might face a prompt for driver installation. Without reservation, go ahead and install. Upon successful installation, your controller will make an appearance under the Controllers menu. Edit is your next stop.

Step 5: You've made progress, but there's still ground to cover. Head over to the Other tab, and you'll find the Virtual Controller Settings. This is where the magic happens. Set the Emulated Controller to your preference, either Xbox 360 or DualShock 4. Always remember to Apply and Save your settings.

Step 6: Now, with DS4Windows running, boot up EA SPORTS FC 24. If all went well, your controller woes should be a thing of the past!

Method #2 - Engaging with Steam Input

For those playing on Steam, the platform offers its solutions too. If you're experiencing issues with your controller not being detected or not working properly while playing EA SPORTS FC 24 on Steam, then Steam Input might be the solution you're seeking.

Steps to Harness Steam Input:

  1. Navigate to EA SPORTS FC 24 in your library.
  2. Right-click and choose Properties.
  3. Scout for the Controller tab and drop into it.
  4. You'll find a drop-down menu—here, you can Disable or Enable Steam Input, depending on your current setting.

Keep Your Controller Updated: The Undeniable Importance

It's surprising how often gamers overlook this, but regularly updating your gamepad is perennially essential. Whether you're wielding an Xbox controller or a PlayStation's DualShock, updates can mean the difference between immersive gameplay and frustrating downtime. Let's explore how to keep each controller in tip-top shape.

Xbox Controller Update:

  1. Connect your controller using USB or Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.
  2. Seek out the Xbox Accessories app on your system. If it's missing, the Microsoft Store is where you need to be.
  3. Dive into the app and hunt for More options (symbolized by three dots). Here lies the Firmware version.
  4. A message proclaiming Update Required is a clear sign you're behind the times. Click on Update now and trail the instructions. Before you know it, your Xbox controller will be rejuvenated.

PlayStation 4 (DualShock 4) Update:

  1. With a connected PS4 console, tether your DualShock 4 using a USB.
  2. Power on the PS4 and log into your account.
  3. Your path lies through Settings > Devices > Controllers.
  4. On occasion, a firmware update alert will present itself. Comply with the on-screen guidance, and you'll soon be back in action.

PlayStation 5 (DualSense) Update:

Sony's latest marvel, the DualSense controller, is a tad different in its update approach.

  1. Procure the Firmware Updater for DualSense Wireless Controller from PlayStation's official site.
  2. Installation is straightforward—follow the on-screen directions.
  3. Fire up the installed app and establish a connection between your DualSense and PC using USB.
  4. Patiently navigate the update instructions, ensuring no interruptions.
  5. An OK click wraps up the process, signaling your DualSense's readiness.

It's undeniable that a non-responsive gamepad can be a source of immense frustration. But with the above steps, certainly, you've got a roadmap to a seamless EA SPORTS FC 24 experience. Always remember to keep your controllers updated, utilize tools like DS4Windows, and leverage platform-specific settings such as Steam Input.

Moreover, in the realm of gaming, the controller is your bridge to the virtual world. Ensuring it's in optimal condition is unquestionably paramount. So, next time you find your controller not being detected, fear not. The solutions are at your fingertips!