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GTA 5 - How to Fix Stuttering & Low Fps Issues

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You have a high-end computer and you have a low fps or fps drop problem on the GTA V, even though you have minimized the graphics settings?

I have some tips for you.


First of all, you must disable v-sync in the in-game settings.


  • Open the NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Click the Manage 3D settings
  • After, click the Program Settings
  • Next, click the Add
  • Select the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5.exe) from the list
  • After that, make the following settings
    Maximum pre-rendered frames: 2
    Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
    Vertical sync: Adaptive
  • Apply


  • Go to the folder where the game is installed.
    Example > E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V
  • Right-click the GTA5.exe application
  • Tap the Properties
  • Tick Disable full-screen optimisations on the Compatibility tab.
  • Click on the OK
full-screen optimisations


  • Download and install the Process Lasso
  • Run the Process Lasso application.
  • Launch the GTA V.
  • Go to the Process Lasso app and find the GTA5.exe in “All processes” list.
  • Right-click on the exe and select the CPU Limiter
CPU Limiter
  • Set the “When CPU use is” to 98
  • Set the “Reduce by this many CPU cores” to 1
  • Below the “Reduce by this many CPU cores”, set the “For a period of” to 1
  • Click on the Add Rule button.
  • Finally click OK button and play the game.
CPU limit

If you are still having problems, please share your computer features and details below.


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  • hello, i used to play gta at 60 stable fps, but one day i didn't touch anything and the game started to run at 14 fps, no matter what settings i changed, it remains being 14 fps.
    When i do a benchmark test it goes at 60-70 fps without any problems but when it ends and returns to the game, 14 fps again.
    I have changed every single setting in the game and did everything i could find in the internet, including everything on this post so if someone could help me it would be great.

  • Im not having any low fps problem. I play on stable 60 fps with high settings but suddenly my fps drops to 5 or 10 after every 5 to 10 minuts then I minimize the game and maximize it again the fps comes back to normal 60-70.
    This sudden fps drops sucks and it ruins the fun while playing online..
    Plz tell me how to solve this problem I found nothing related to this on youtube

    • Go to graphics settings in GTA 5. Set the "Pause Game On Focus Loss" to Off.
      Make sure you're using full-screen mode (not borderless or windowed)
      Also, you can try to use the Process Lasso software. I just updated the post. Check out fourth method.

  • Please Help me guys !!
    I've bought a new gt 1030 oc edition and optimized gta v settings to work on 60 fps and it was great untill I decided to OC it with msi afterburner with just 10% increase then it's now works with 30 fps then suddenly increase to 60 fps then after 4-5 seconds it's back to 30 fps I've tried everything
    Reverted it to default and uninstalled msi afterburner and reinstalled graphics driver but still the same please help me this is too annoying ( same with some games like fifa 19 )

    • You have damaged your video card with the overlooked program.
      It appears that the problem is overheating and it bottlenecks the GPU.

      Say goodbye to your GPU and to your warranty.

      Time to buy another one.