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How to Fix the Issue with "Sim to next appearance" in NBA 2K20

There is a problem in the NBA 2K20 that makes MyCareer unplayable. When we press "Sim to next appearance", nothing happens.

Here's the solution!

  • First of all, set the Window Mode to Windowed or Borderless in the video settings.
  • In the same menu, set the Refresh Rate to 60.0Hz.
  • Finally, set Vertical Sync to On.

I found this too

i use 144 hz and no vsync, i just alt+tab in and out several times and then it goes on letting me sim. dont ask me why lol


You can also make a setting on the Nvidia control panel.

  • Open NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Go to the "Change resolution" tab.
  • Set the Refresh rate to 60Hz
  • Click on the Apply button.

Also, if you have a issue with low FPS in NBA 2K20 , check this guide.

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