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NBA 2K20 - In-game Update Stuck at 0%

After entering the NBA 2K20 , the in-game update screen pops up but it stuck at 0%.

How to Fix the "downloading game updates" Bug



Disable the Windows firewall and antivirus program. Restart your modem. Then check the game. If still the same issue, try the second solution.


Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\*steam user id*\841370\local and delete sync.bin. Then launch the NBA 2K20. If it is still stuck, try the final solution.


Uninstall the NBA 2K20 . You can easily delete the game by right-clicking the NBA 2K20 in the Steam library. Then exit Steam and reinstall the Steam. After that install the Steam. Finally, just download the NBA 2K20.

You should also check your disks. You should leave enough free space on your local disks.


If you want to fix this problem on PlayStation 4, you have to delete the game's saved data.

Please make a backup of your game data before removing it.

Go to PlayStation 4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage > Delete > NBA 2K20

You can able to play the game after deleting the saved data. After deleting the saved game data, I do not know if it is possible to play NBA 2K20 again with your old save, sorry.


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  • I had a hard time following Mike T. But the search to figure it out yielded this:

    1. Press HOME button on Xbox controller.

    2. Scroll down to NBA2K20 and hit the start button.

    3. Scroll down to “Manage games and add one” click it

    4. Scroll down to “Saved data” Here you see “Reserved space” to the right. Scroll over to it and click it.

    5. Select clear reserved space and hit it.

    This worked for me. When I restarted the game, the game update restarted and finished. Hope this helps!

    • This happens to some unlucky players. It is a bug. You need to try completely deleting your saved data.

      Xbox button > My games & apps > NBA 2K20 > menu button > Manage game & add-ons > Saved Data > Reserved Space > Clear reserved space > go back and select your Xbox profile > select Delete from everywhere

      • Will it work? Because I if it doesn’t, I loose all my my league files and can’t create a new file on Start Today mode

        • There is no guarantee that it will work. But I know this works for many people. As far as I know, there is no other solution. Perhaps you should consult the developers or publishers of the game.

    • What worked for me was clearing the reserved space. To do that you got click manage on your 2KMTCentral and scroll down all the way. Only clear the reserved data. Do not clear your profile data