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How to report hackers and cheats in Fall Guys

Among the cheats used by some players in Fall Guys, the flying and speed cheats are the most popular. These cheats used in the game give hackers a great advantage. Naturally, this becomes annoying for us.

Thankfully, Fall Guys developers (Mediatonic) do not welcome cheats used in the game, downloaded and installed on PC. They ban cheaters as quickly as possible.

There is no report system in Fall Guys yet. For now, you can report players by filling out a form.

I'll show you how to report cheaters below.

How can I report cheaters in Fall Guys

How can I report cheaters in Fall Guys?

  • Go to the cheat report web page: https://support.fallguys.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  • Enter the email address in the first box.
  • You can type "Cheat" or "Hacker" in the Subject box.
  • Then use the "Type of Issue" drop-down list and select the "Cheater Report".
  • Type the username of the player you think is cheating into the "Reported Username" box. For example, Fall Guy 0000
  • After that, select the platform you are playing on. I choose Steam because I am playing on PC.
  • The username is not enough for the game's support team to detect the cheater. They also need your Support ID. So you need to enter your Support ID into the Support ID box.
Where is my Fall Guys support ID?

You can find your Support ID in the bottom left corner of the Settings page in-game as shown in the image below.

  • You can type whatever you have in mind about the cheat you encountered in the game into the "Description" text area. For example, you could just type "Fly hacking" or "Speed hacking".
  • Select the language, then if there is a screenshot you want to add, you can add it too.
  • Finally, click the "Submit" button.

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