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Arma Reforger - Cannot Join Servers (Connection has failed)

Arma fans all over the world are experiencing that frustrating error in Arma Reforger, where you just cannot connect to multiplayer servers. This issue can be really disappointing, and it's challenging to determine what might be causing the problem. However, I have noticed a common error that seems to indicate that the problem originates from Arma Reforger's server stability. So what should you do?

Arma Reforger - Cannot Join Servers

Recently the server browser has gone crazy, and everyone uses it to search for multiplayer games in Arma Reforger. It's very troubling because many players often get the message: "Session error. Connection has failed / Internal error has occurred. Do you want to join the last played server?" while trying to join a server in Arma Reforger.

Arma Reforger Connection has failed

In addition, some Arma Reforger players have reported that when they try to join a random server, their game crashes to the desktop without even showing the above error. Also, some players even cannot see any servers at all.

There is nothing to fix the "Connection has failed" error on the hardware side. That's just a server stability issue impacting everyone at the moment. It seems like it's not possible to join 64-player servers. At least that's how I experienced it. But I had the chance to join a 32-player server. Maybe you can join a 32-player Arma Reforger server as well. Also, you can try the modded servers.

Several Arma Reforger players reported that using VPN and installing the game on C drive (Steam's home directory) worked, but frankly, it didn't make any difference for me. Reinstalling BattlEye didn't work either. Still no luck.

As a result, temporarily, only try to join servers with a player cap of less than 32.

If I discover a more tangible method to fix the Arma Reforger Failed to Join Server Error, I will share it here. Stay tuned!