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How to Fix High CPU Usage in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World cpu

During playing Monster Hunter World the processor reaches 100% usage. That's why there are freezing or crashing problems in the game. There are too many players facing this issue in Monster Hunter World. If you are experiencing CPU overloading problems during the game, follow the instructions below.

Method #1

  • Launch Monster Hunter: World
  • Go to the desktop using Alt + Tab while in the game menu.
  • Open the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DELETE)
  • Go to the Details tab and find the Monster Hunter World task.
  • Right-click on it
  • Select End task. Now, don't click anything. So don't click the End process.
  • Let the window stay open. Go back to the game and enjoy!

Method #2

  • Download and install the Process Lasso
  • Run the Process Lasso application.
  • Launch Monster Hunter: World
  • Go to the Process Lasso app and find the MonsterHunterWorld.exe in “All processes” list.
  • Right-click on the MonsterHunterWorld.exe and select the CPU Limiter
CPU Limiter
  • Set the “When CPU use is” to 98
  • Set the “Reduce by this many CPU cores” to 1
  • Below the “Reduce by this many CPU cores”, set the “For a period of” to 1
  • Click on the Add Rule button.
  • Finally click OK button and play the game.
CPU limit

I hope it will help you too. Let me known if you have different suggestions or solutions. Please comment below!

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