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How to Improve Visibility in Lost Ark

Tips for improving visibility in the game - Lost Ark has a lot of settings that can be changed to deliver the best experience for players.

Being able to detect the location of enemies and bosses better gives players a pleasant experience in Lost Ark.

In Lost Ark, turning some settings down or turning them off will increase your focus and concentration while in combat.

This Lost Ark guide will keep you informed of what needs to be done to increase visibility in the game.

How to Improve Visibility in Lost Ark

1. Decrease screen effects and disable FX settings

If you prioritize visibility in Lost Ark, then most settings should be set to low aside from a few.

Go to Settings > Video, and adjust the graphics settings as follows:

Screen Effects Settings

Texture Quality: Set as you wish
Shadow Quality: Low
Character Quality: Set as you wish
Particle Quality: Low
Anti-Aliasing: Inactive
Better Depth of Field: Disable (Untick)
Indirect Shadows: Disable

Post Processing FX Advanced Settings

Bloom Effect: Disable (Untick)
Flare Effect: Disable
Distortion Effect: Disable
Motion Blur: Disable

The above are the best screen effects and post processing FX advanced settings you can adjust for visibility.

2. Turn off other players' visual (skill) effects

Since the visual effects of other Lost Ark players' skills take up too much space on the screen, you probably have a hard time noticing the skill range (red area on the ground) of bosses or enemies you need to avoid.

Fortunately, there are options to turn off or reduce the visual effects in the game settings.

You can easily disable visual effects of other players' skills in Lost Ark, excluding party members' buff effects, by following these steps:

How to turn off other players' visual (skill) effects in Lost Ark:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Gameplay
  • Open the "Controls and Display" menu
  • Scroll-down to "Show Combat / Pet" section.
  • Set "Battle Effects Display" to "Include Buff Effects of Party Members"
  • Click Apply

3. Hide the pets

If other players' pets are distracting you during combat, you can hide them in the settings menu in Lost Ark. You can even hide your pet.

If you have no idea how to hide pets in Lost Ark, follow these steps:

How to hide pets in Lost Ark

  • Navigate to Settings > Gameplay > Controls and Display
  • Under the "Show Combat / Pet", uncheck the "Display My Pet" - if you do not wanna see your pet.
  • Also, uncheck the "Display Others' Pets" - if you do not wanna see other players's pets too.
  • Select Apply

4. Enable photosensitivity mode

You can use Photosensitivity Mode to reduce screen flashes while in combat.

I recommend turning on Photosensitivity mode, especially if your eyes hurt after playing Lost Ark for long hours. This setting will also slightly reduce the brightness of the game.

To enable photosensitivity mode:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Accessibility
  • Under "Video Accessibility", tick the "Photosensitivity Mode"
  • Click Apply buttton.

Also, if your eyes get tired quickly after playing Lost Ark for a while, I recommend turning on the Night Light feature of Windows. Or, you can turn on the Blue Light Filter if your monitor supports it. You can also use the app called f.lux for the blue light filter.

By the way, for those interested in increasing FPS, here’s a guide that shows how to boost performance in Lost Ark.

That's all! If there is a part that you find wrong or if you know a different method, please share your opinion with us by using the comment box below.