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SUPER PEOPLE - Increase FPS & Performance

SUPER PEOPLE Fps Boost Guide - This is a guide on how to increase FPS and fix performance issues like stuttering , frame rate drops, lag, freezing in SUPER PEOPLE.

SUPER PEOPLE Fps Boost Guide

1) Best graphics settings for performance

These SUPER PEOPLE settings will have different results on different graphics cards. Depending on the CPU and GPU in your PC, lowering or increasing these settings may provide better performance. So you should test them.

Esc > Settings > Graphics

Minimum SystemPerformance
Display modeFull ScreenFull Screen
Maximum Frame Rate Limit6060 or higher
Vertical SyncDisableDisable
Smooth Frame RateDisableDisable
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyEnable bothEnable both
FPP Mode FOV8090
Overall Graphics QualityVery Low
TexturesMedium or High
ShadowsVery Low
View DistanceMedium
EffectsVery Low
Post ProcessingVery Low
Depth of FieldDisableDisable
AMD FidelityFX SR

AMD FidelityFX SR and NVIDIA DLSS are features that improve game performance. If you have an Nvidia graphics card that supports DLSS, I suggest you set the DLSS setting to Balanced or Performance. If not, you can set AMD FidelityFX SR to Balanced.

SUPER PEOPLE players with an RTX 3070 or better GPU can set "Overall Graphics Quality" to High and DLSS to Balanced for best performance. Also, you can set it to Ultra, but Ultra is only available for SSDs.

Apply changes and exit the game.

2) Drivers

For best performance, make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.

3) NVIDIA Control Panel settings

  • Exit the game.
  • Right-click on a blank space on the desktop, and select NVIDIA Control Panel
  • In NVIDIA Control Panel, go to 3D Settings > manage 3D settings > Program Settings
  • Click on the “Add” buton
  • Select SUPER PEOPLE and click the “Add Selected Program
  • Set “Power management mode” to “Prefer maximum performance”
  • Set “Texture filtering – Quality” to “High performance”
  • Click Apply

4) AMD Radeon settings

  • Exit the game
  • Open Radeon software
  • Click the Gaming tab
  • Select Super People
  • Enable Radeon Anti-Lag
  • Disable Radeon Chill
  • Disable Enhanced Sync
  • Set the "Wait for Vertical Refresh" to Always off
  • Click the Advanced
  • Set the "Texture Filtering Quality" to Performance

5) Close background apps

Close browsers like Google Chrome with high RAM and CPU usage while playing SUPER PEOPLE, and make sure they are not running in the background.

6) How to reduce ping

To fix lag in SUPER PEOPLE, you can try this:

  • Go to the ExitLag page
  • Click on the “FREE 3 DAYS TRIAL” button.
  • Create an account.
  • Verify the Email
  • Download and install the ExitLag.
  • Launch the ExitLag.
  • Find and select the Super People from the list in the ExitLag app.
  • Select a game region.
  • Click on the APPLY ROUTES button.

That's all for now. You can find more information about improving the performance in PC games, HERE.