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Escape from Tarkov - Best PostFX settings (Patch 0.14)

If you do not know how to set the PostFX options in Escape from Tarkov and are wondering about the most optimal settings, I recommend you try the Post FX settings in this post below.

EFT Best PostFX settings

I saw these PostFX settings while watching Shroud's live stream on Twitch. I think these settings are pretty good for visibility.

However, since we have different monitors and eye sensitivity, it is useful to test the Post FX options and find the most suitable setting for you. You can start by trying the following settings first.

EFT PostFX Settings 2024

These PostFX settings provide better visibility, especially on EFT's new map, Streets of Tarkov.

Go to Settings > PostFX, and select the "Enable PostFX". Then adjust these settings:

Brightness: 50 (*)
Saturation: 30
Clarity: 100
Colorfulness: 5
Luma sharpen: 5
Adaptive sharpen: 0
Color grading: Jason
Intensity: 50
Colorblind mode: None
Intensity: 0

* If your eyes are very sensitive to brightness and your eyes get tired easily, it is a good idea to set the brightness to 50 or lower. But at low brightness, it will be difficult to spot the enemy in dark environments.

Old Version

These older settings are more useful on Escape from Tarkov maps where bushes and trees abound.

Brightness: 70
Saturation: 50
Clarity: 65
Colorfulness: 55
Luma sharpen: 70
Adaptive sharpen: 0
Color grading: Cognac
Intensity: 15
Colorblind mode: Protanopia (**)
Intensity: 5

** If you suffer from color blindness, you can adjust the colorblind mode according to the types of color blindness. Those who are uncomfortable with colors can turn this mode off completely.

I hope these settings were useful for you. I would appreciate it if you could share your ideas about PostFX settings and the best settings for you by leaving a comment below.

By the way, if you are experiencing performance problems in the game, you can take a look at the "EFT FPS Boost Guide".

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