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Halo Infinite FPS boost guide - Increase performance & fix stutters

This guide will show you how to improve performance, increase FPS and fix stuttering for both Campaign and Multiplayer modes in Halo Infinite on PC.

Halo Infinite FPS boost guide

1) Update your graphics drivers

Up-to-date graphics drivers are recommended to improve performance in Halo Infinite. You can find the latest drivers in the links below.

AMD users argue that with the Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.12.1 driver, performance has increased noticeably in Halo Infinite.

Note: If you need a clean install for GPU driver you would use Display Driver Uninstaller.

2) Best graphics settings for performance

You can use the following graphics settings to improve performance in Halo Infinite.

F1 > Settings > Video

Minimum SystemPerformanceOptimized Quality
Field of View657878-90
Borderless FullscreenEnableEnableEnable
Resolution Scale *80%90-100%100%
Minimum Frame RateEnableEnableEnable
Maximum Frame Rate
Texture FilteringLowMedium or HighUltra
Ambient OcclusionLowMediumMedium
Texture QualityLowMediumHigh
Geometry QualityLowMediumHigh
Depth of FieldLowLowMedium
Shadow QualityLowLowMedium
Lighting QualityLowMediumHigh
Volumetric Fog QualityOffOffMedium
Cloud QualityLowMediumHigh
Dynamic WindOffOffOff
Ground Cover QualityLowMediumHigh
Effects QualityLowMediumUltra
Decal QualityLowLowHigh
Animation QualityAutoAutoAuto
Terrain QualityLowMedium or HighUltra
Simulation QualityLowLowMedium
Flocking QualityOffLowMedium
Async Compute **
Full Screen Effects0%0%0%

* Lowering the Resolution Scale will increase the performance in the game, but the graphics quality will decrease as well.

** While Async Compute provides performance gains on some PCs, it can cause problems in others. So test the Async Compute feature and adjust it to see which one improves performance.

Exit the game when it is done.

3) Disable High-Res Textures

If you want to get more FPS in Halo Infinite, you should disable High-Res Textures.

  • Go to your Steam library
  • Right-click on Halo Infinite
  • Select Properties
  • Go to the DLC tab
  • Untick High-Res Textures, both Multiplayer & Campaign.

4) Stuttering fix

If the above methods did not help you to fix the stuttering in the game, this method should work, but frame rates may decrease a bit depending on your PC specs.

  • Go to in-game video settings (F1 > Settings > Video)
  • Disable Minimum Frame Rate (DSR)
  • Disable Vsync
  • Exit the game.
  • Go to Nvidia or AMD control panel and enable vertical sync.
    NVIDIA: 3D Settings > Manage 3D settings > Program Settings > Add > Select Halo Infinite > Add Selected Program > Vertical sync > On
    AMD: Radeon Settings > Games > Halo Infinite > Wait for Vertical Refresh > Always on
  • Test the game.

I hope these tips will help you improve the performance in Halo Infinite. Also, see this thread for more info about FPS boost.